The best part about moving offices is when you’re done!

The Maid Coach has moved to a new physical location! Don’t worry, our digital office is staying put right here at, but we recently moved into a larger office space. We’re now next-door neighbors to the good folks at SpeedCleaning—this is great because we’ll have a lot of knowledge sharing between the two offices and get to sample some of their products.

The main goal of the move was for us to get a large training room where we’ll be able to host maid service boot camps and business building field trips. Speaking of which, we are at max capacity for our upcoming boot camp and field trip, but jump on our email list so you can be notified whenever we have another training event.

If you need to reach us in person, our new address is:
496 E Purnell Street, Ste 101
Lewisville, TX 75057

5 reasons to attend cleaning industry conferences like Speed Cleaning for the Pros

You are busy running the day-to-day operations of your cleaning business, so why should you take the time to attend a conference focused on your industry? It’s important for you as a business owner to be more strategic every once in awhile and get the 50,000 foot view of your company and its direction. Join me and a select group of other cleaning business owners for a February 24-25 Speed Cleaning for the Pros conference and put your business on the fast track to success.

In case you need to rationalize taking two days away from your business, here are five benefits of attending industry-specific conferences.

  1. Learn new information. You’ll walk away with your brain filled with useful information that can be put into practice immediately. By going to conferences geared toward cleaning business owners, you can stay up to date with industry trends and innovations.
  2. Meet cleaning industry experts. These are the people who have floated to the top of the cleaning business by implementing successful strategies. You’ll want to rub shoulders with them and pick their brains for tips on how you can join their ranks.
  3. Get answers to specific business questions from experts who have been there and done that. During break times or during specific Q&A sessions, you can bring up questions that have been on your mind. Walk away with the most informed answer from the industry experts at the conference.
  4. Collect presentation material that you can take home to share with your staff and refer to later. You might be overwhelmed by the amount of information being thrown at you, but most conferences will include material you can take away with you to study later or to share with your staff.
  5. Share ideas with others in your shoes. You’ll spend the day with other cleaning business owners who might have a solution for a problem you’re facing. Networking with other owners is a great way to build up a support network in case issues arise in the future, and to have a sounding board to vet your next great idea.

As a bonus, one last benefit you get is motivation. By taking the time to think strategically about your business and invest in a conference to broaden your knowledge, you will absolutely walk away re-energized and motivated for success. Your brain will be bursting with ideas to try and suggestions to put into place as soon as you get home. Simply by carrying this energy back into your office, you’ll motivate your staff as well.

Now that you know all the reasons you should attend, join us February 24 and 25 at the Speed Cleaning for the Pros conference! More details are here.

Sell more maid service gift cards for Valentine’s Day

Cleaning businesses are notorious for not selling a lot of gift cards and this is a huge untapped opportunity for your business to drive more revenue. You have two weeks until Valentine’s Day and you can sell gift cards up until the very last minute to people who have procrastinated about buying a gift for their loved one.

The main reason most cleaning business owners shy away from selling gift cards is because they worry about the experience of redemption. Since gift cards are for a defined amount of money (e.g. $150), and nearly every first time clean requires a variable amount of time to get the job done right, it can be a recipe for disaster. There’s the risk of the staff going way over on the time purchased to insure the customer is happy and then there’s the potential for a bad online review because the job couldn’t be completed.

You can put those worries to rest by making it clear to the recipient that they’ve received a gift of a defined amount of cleaning time, not a complete house cleaning. Let them know that their gift is for a specific block of time, say a three hour cleaning, and if they’d like to add additional hours to the cleaning, they are welcome to do so. Be very clear that the gift card equates to a specific number of “labor hours” for your cleaning staff, and that you can retain their credit card if they’d like to billed for additional time needed. Communication is the key to successful gift card redemption.

Now the issue is how to sell more gift cards. One holiday season from late October through December, I sold $12,000 worth of maid service gift cards by following the tips I outline in my gift card training series. I’ll give you one of the tips for free and you can purchase the rest online.

How to sell more gift cards

This sounds simple, but it’s something you probably haven’t thought of. Turn the abstract idea of a cleaning service into a physical gift. The person buying the gift card is buying a present for someone, not a cleaning service for themselves. So when you sell your gift cards, sell them as a complete gift, not just a piece of paper that you print out with the amount of cleaning hours purchased or dollar value. Start selling gifts instead of cleanings. I suggest making your gift cards as part of a beautiful gift basket, with wine, chocolates, and other goodies inside the basket. This will make for an impressive, tangible gift that the giver will feel proud about giving, not just an emailed certificate or a computer printout of your gift card amount.

Make your gift baskets look sumptuous. Put your company’s swag inside an elegant wicker basket, along with greenery or ribbons. As add-ons, you can include a gift card for a massage or restaurant, add nice wine glasses from the Dollar Store, throw in high-quality chocolates. Offer the gift basket as a bonus if the purchaser buys the gift of maid service for a year. So if someone pays $1200 for a year’s worth of maid service (at $100 each month), they also get this fabulous gift basket with free extras like the massage, wine, restaurant deal, etc.

Maybe you barter with a local spa as a way to get free massages to put into your gift baskets, or you strike up a deal to clean a neighborhood wine shop so you can get a deep discount. The goal here is to fill up your gift baskets so they make the recipient gasp with surprise and pleasure at the luxurious gift that is mostly comprised of your valuable cleaning services, but topped off with physical gifts that make the gift stand out even more. To comply with state and federal alcohol laws, you might want to simply include a gift certificate for wine instead of the actual wine.

Remember: there’s nothing elegant about a spouse printing out a gift card for your cleaning services and handing that over on Valentine’s Day. So focus on making your gift cards the centerpiece of an elegant gift basket and these will fly off your shelves.

For more tips on becoming a powerseller of gift cards, be sure to buy my series. Happy selling, and happy Valentine’s Day!

How To Stop Showing Up Late For Your Cleaning Jobs

How many times have you lost a job, revenue, or a customer because your cleaning staff showed up late?  One good recurring customer is easily worth over $3,000 a year to your business, so being on time is critical if you want to impress a new customer and keep your existing customers happy.

Solve this problem once and for all by approaching the solution differently:

  1. Change the customer’s expectation
  2. Stop committing to a specific time, offer a range
  3. Stand firm, if they press for an exact time, insist on a range, or you set yourself up for failure
  4. Commit to what you know you can succeed at consistently, not to what you’ll probably fail at most of the time
  5. Use a software program that will let you run your business your way, not one that requires that you adjust your business to accommodate the limitations of the software


Cleaning tools you need to get the job done right

The tools and supplies you use to clean your clients’ homes and offices are a critical piece of your success. These are the tools that I have found most useful for cleaning homes efficiently and thoroughly. When you get the hang of using these tools and supplies, be sure to keep them on hand and replenish when necessary.

The #1 useful tool that you probably overlook is a cleaning apron. This will save your staff time and energy because it carries all the supplies they need to walk around the room once while cleaning. I like the Clean Team apron with all the pockets for tools and loops to hang cleaning sprays from. Three of the pockets are dedicating to holding a toothbrush (perfect for getting into tight spots very quickly), razor-blade holder (great for working soap scum off shower doors), and a scraper (for the mysterious goo that you occasionally run across).

Spray bottles of bleach, all-purpose cleaning spray, and window cleaner. This trio of liquids will help you battle anything you come across in a home that needs cleaning. Need a never-fail all-purpose cleaner? Try the Red Juice from Speedcleaning.

Feather dusters. These are great for moving a small amount of dust quickly from a higher level (like on top of furniture) to a lower level (like the floor) where it can be vacuumed up. The best feather dusters are those made with real ostrich features. I prefer the 18 inch long feather dusters which are expensive, but worth it.

Cleaning cloths. White pure cotton cloths or microfiber cloths are the way to go. When they’re too worn for general use, you can use them on tough spots like the oven and then discard them. Definitely get rid of them before they start to look like rags.

Furniture polish. With a pump-spray bottle and a separate cloth to wipe down, you’ll leave furniture shiny and sparkling with this treatment. Find a bottle that fits well into the apron.

Powdered cleanser. This is used to clean inside sinks, bathtubs, and toilets. Bon Ami or Comet are great choices.

Pint-size plastic container. Recycle one from your ice-cream eating or takeout containers. These are great for rinsing the shower walls that don’t get a direct hit of water from the overhead nozzle.

Whisk broom. These are great for cleaning the edge of carpets, between the cushions of the couch, or on individual stairs.

50 foot extension cord. You never know where the outlet might be hiding, so it’s better to be safe with a long extension cord that can help your vacuum reach the edge of the rooms. When you get a round cord, it won’t knot as much as a flat cord does.

Toilet brush. You’ll need something to scrub the inside of the toilet with.

Tile brush. You probably want a completely distinct brush to scrub the tile and grout of the shower, along with inside the tub and sinks.

Scrub pads. These are great for when cleaning cloths aren’t strong enough to tackle whatever it is you’re facing. There are some that have a sponge on one side and a scrub pad on the other.

Mop. The best mops are those that have a removeable, reusable, and washable cover so you can pop them into the washing machine and have a brand new mop each time you use it. I’ve seen a lot of people have success re-using Swiffer sticks with microfiber cloths in this way.

Rubber gloves. Spend the money in getting good-quality rubber gloves, because the cheap ones will rip on you almost immediately.

Vacuum cleaners. Depending on your staff, you can have one team member wield a portable vacuum while the other manages the larger one to cover a wider area.

Can Your Business Run Without You?

What if you were hit by a bus?  Would your business cease to exists?  Would you still be bringing in revenues and profits.

Here are some things to consider:

  1. If you are still cleaning, you own a JOB not a business.
  2. If go on vacation do you spent most of the time SOLVING problems for your staff?
  3. Can you take a day off without your phone blowing up?
  4.  If you are no longer cleaning, would sales, quality, hiring, and training happen in your absence?

If you hope to go from being the Technician to The Owner – you have to get out of the filed.  There are 7 Major Areas of your business that MUST work for you to get out of the field and succeed.

  1. You have to be able to find and keep great employees
  2. You need an effective Training and On-boarding process for new staff
  3. You must automat marketing – so that you have a continual flow of new, qualified customers
  4. You have to have a Top Producing SALES process – Proven PROCESS to CONVERT your LEADS and RETAIN those converted leads as RECURRING customers
  5. You’ll have to have a proven Quality Assurance program
  6. For quality of life and scaleability, you must have Systems & Processes that admin staff can follow


If you need help with your residential cleaning business, fill out the consulting request for a free 30 minute consult!

Speed Cleaning For The Pros Conference


Don’t miss this opportunity to attend a two-day LIVE Event to improve or create your effective residential cleaning business training program!


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Leave a comment below!  Tell us what your biggest frustration is in training, or what you do to successfully train a new employee:

Cleaning industry recognized for 1st time with prestigious L’Oreal Women of Worth award

A few months ago, I was honored to walk the red carpet with Andi MacDowell at a gala event celebrating the L’Oreal Paris Women of Worth. I was there as the representative of Cleaning for a Reason, the non-profit I started to provide free house cleaning to women battling cancer. But it wasn’t just me on the red carpet, I was representing all cleaning business owners as our industry was recognized for the important work we do. Andi herself mentioned how important a clean home is to a person’s health and well being and how essential it is to have a professional clean your home, especially during times of illness.

So take a moment and pat yourself on the back—the cleaning business is finally getting the recognition it deserves for providing essential services to the community!

As part of the honor of being named a Woman of Worth, I get to bring $15,000 in sponsorship money back to Cleaning for a Reason. This will go a long way to helping us maintain the national network of cleaning businesses that donate their services to women fighting cancer during their time of crisis.

Honorees flown into New York City for the gala event were also were treated to an entire day of advanced training in leadership skills. We went to the Bloomberg offices to do a deep dive on marketing and fundraising training, and we spent half a day at the NYC headquarters of Facebook learning about their new donation platform that only charges merchant fees for credit card processing.

At the gala event, each honoree was assigned a celebrity escort, so not only did I get to meet Andi MacDowell, my escort, but also Blake Lively, Diane Keaton, Arianna Huffington, Eva Longoria, and more! It was a thrilling and exciting event, and I think my pink dress went very nicely with that red carpet!

I wanted to share my experience with you so that you can see how much more we professional cleaning business owners are doing than actually helping clean houses! Our industry is a critical piece of the entire package that keeps a community running along smoothly. We do important work and you should feel proud of what you do!

12 – When Should You Hire A Full Time Inspections Manager

So many people ask me if they need to hire a full time quality assurance manager or inspection manager for their residential cleaning business. You first need to identify the problem before you set out to solve it. Ask yourself this question: What problem exactly are you trying to solve?

Are you getting a high number of quality complaints?
Or are you discovering sloppy work when you conduct surprise inspections?
Are you losing customers over quality?
Break it down, first identify where the complaints are coming from before you throw money at the problem. Money won’t fix a bad plan. Make sure you have the right plan to solve the real problems.

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11 – How Important Is It To Accept Credit Card Payments

12 Tips Of Christmas

Today let’s talk about how important is it to accept credit card payment for your residential cleaning business. If you are focused on the 3% fees of accepting credit cards you are focused on entirely the wrong thing. You need to focus on the hundreds of dollars in lost jobs as a result of not accepting credit cards as a form of payment. People expect to pay for services with a credit card, it’s time you accept that. If your prices are so low you can’t absorb that 3% cost then you are long overdue for a rate increase. Raise your rates and stop leaving money on the table.

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