Business Programs

I’m Debbie Sardone and I started cleaning houses out of the trunk of my car over 35 years ago. I now offer a variety of programs, from live group coaching to online training, designed especially for cleaning business owners who want to grow and find success at the next level.

Over 93% of all cleaning businesses in the US have sales below $500,000 a year, and less than 2% of all residential cleaning businesses gross a million dollars a year or more. My Dallas-based cleaning service, Buckets & Bows Maid Service, is one of the largest cleaning businesses in the nation with annual sales over one million. We have 500+ customers, more than 40 employees, and an uncommonly high employee retention rate. I share my “secrets to success” with business owners all over the world based on my experience and expertise in running my own company. I offer books, DVDs, webinars, workshops, conferences, and my signature series, Cleaning Business Fundamentals – the most comprehensive, instructional training program for starting, building and growing a residential cleaning business.

Whether you are just in the planning stages of opening your new cleaning business, frustrated over lackluster growth in your existing business, or want to be the next absentee owner of a million dollar maid service, I can help! Discover how my programs could change your business…and your life!

Does This Sound Familiar?

  • Feeling stuck?
  • Have no idea where to start?
  • Not attracting enough customers to keep employees busy?
  • Can’t seem to hire great employees who stick around?
  • Think you have to charge less to get the business?
  • Tried other programs but it just isn’t coming together?
  • Doing the cleaning instead of owning the business?
  • Working so much you have no time for family and fun?

Instead, Do You Want..

  • Clarity and focus on what to do to grow your business?
  • To package and price your service at top dollar where people say “Yes!”?
  • To get off the income roller coaster
  • To wake up every day loving your business, employees, and life?
  • To move from high stress and chaos to high profits and pride of ownership?
  • To work less hours AND MAKE MORE MONEY NOW?

Then CLICK HERE to discover how to move from where you are and have what you want!