Why should you hire a cleaning business consultant to help your business?

You may be wondering why on earth you should hire a cleaning business coach to help your business. It’s the same reason that professional sports teams have coaches— to help you achieve success and excellence.

Coaches can help you identify what’s important to you and your cleaning business, and get you laser-focused on those important things. That focus will absolutely accelerate your success.

What do good coaches do?

  • Create a safe environment where you can see yourself and your business situation more clearly without distractions;
  • Identify gaps between where you are and where you want to (or need to) be;
  • Ask you for more intentional actions and behavior changes than you would have demanded from yourself;
  • Help you build the structure, accountability, and support necessary to ensure sustained commitment to success with your cleaning business.

Coaching can have an impact on your business’s financial performance—according to one study, 60% of organizations who use coaching report their revenue to be above average compared to their competitors. A coach can be a powerful resource to help you get started, stand out, and take action on the things that are truly important to you.

Here are some areas where a coach can help you:

A coach can be a powerful resource to help you get started, stand out, and take action on the things that are truly important to you. Here are some areas where a coach can help you:

  • Discover your blind spots. Coaches help you figure out what you don’t know, and they make you aware of things you aren’t able to see. Coaches usually have decades of experience in the cleaning business industry and a lot to offer in terms of addressing your blind spots.
  • Clarify your goals. Your coach will help you clarify what’s important to you and help you stay focused on those goals.
  • Be accountable. Coaches define goals and keep you on track. For many of us, having someone we answer to will motivate us to get moving.
  • Focus your personal and business development efforts. Discover the difference between weaknesses you need to fix and those that can be left alone. You’ll maximize your time and effort by prioritizing what needs fixing.
  • Gain a competitive advantage. A coach can help you achieve success faster than you could on your own, helping you differentiate yourself from the pack and advance your business at a quicker clip.
  • Feel happier. You will feel more fulfilled after you identify and align your values, focus, cut through clutter, and clear obstacles.

A cleaning business coach or consultant will help your business succeed. How much is that worth to you? Make the investment in yourself. It will pay off in happiness, clarity, and increased success. Think of coaching as an investment, not an expense.

Next steps:

If you want to improve your cleaning business this year, hire an industry specific coach to help you get to the next level.

I would love to talk with you about your business! For a free 30 minute consultation, simply fill out this survey and I’ll be in touch to set up a time to talk. You can also sign up for my Cleaning Business Fundamentals course. I look forward to helping you achieve great success!

Lessons learned from my mother (who ran a successful cleaning business into her late-80s)

Last year was my first Mother’s Day without my mom, and I didn’t look forward to it. To honor her memory, I wanted to share with you a few lessons that I learned from her over the years. She started her own cleaning business after retiring from a corporate job at age 65, calling me up to ask me to teach her everything I knew.

That was over 20 years ago and she ran her successful cleaning business until she passed in February of this year. Looking back, I love that she was my first coaching client and I was able to help her launch her own business. I was afraid at first; I knew my system worked but I wasn’t sure it would work for her. She’d never been an entrepreneur, but she took my step by step formula and followed it. We had coaching calls on the weekend where I talked her through what to do and what not to do. Within a few years her business had grown to have 14 employees with an office manager to run the day-to-day, and one of the reasons she was successful was that she followed my proven formula step by step.

I taught her about running a successful cleaning businesses, but there are many things that I learned from her as well. Here are a few:

Lesson 1: It’s never too late to start.

Anyone who thinks that they’ve missed their window of opportunity to create a successful business should consider her example. If I can help a 65-year-old woman who has never owned her own business and never even cleaned her own house, I can help you!

Lesson 2: Be an great delegator.

My mom was an amazing delegator. I learned this lesson from her a long time ago when she was delegating tasks to us kids to help around the house. People who struggle with perfectionism have a hard time delegating responsibilities. They trip over their own perfectionism and hold their businesses back. You need to learn to delegate to the right people who have adequate training, and then back off. Delegation will help you create freedom and increase your quality of life. But it’s hard to delegate if you refuse to give up your perfectionism. This will kill your opportunity to grow your business. But remember, it’s never too late to learn to do it right.

Lesson 3: Be generous – give give give.

Both my parents were givers. They helped struggling families in our community and I didn’t realize at the time what they were doing. That spirit of generosity carried over into my mother’s cleaning business. Her employees absolutely loved her— they cried when she passed away and all of them came to her funeral. Generous people are loved by others. A generous employer will be loved by their employees. This doesn’t mean you should be wasteful or careless with your generosity, but when you create a business that is so profitable that you can be generous to your own employees, you will experience the joy of giving.

When I launched my non-profit, Cleaning for a Reason, my mother was one of first cleaning partners to donate free cleaning services to women with cancer. She didn’t have a huge company but she never turned down a cancer patient. Every time one applied to get a free cleaning in her area, she’d take them on. Generocity = reciprocity. What goes around comes around. If you’re a giver, life will give back in one way or another.

Lesson 4: Respect everyone.

Respect starts with loving people. If you respect people, you don’t treat them badly even if they deserve it. Treat everyone the way they should be treated, not the way they deserve to be treated. Some people might not deserve to be treated well— they might steal from your customers or even steal your customers—but you should still treat them with respect. This doesn’t mean you let people walk all over you. I have fired people and given them hugs and prayed with them as I’m firing them. My mom had a few bad employees over those 20+ years that she had to fire because they thought they could walk over her or stole from her, but my mother didn’t berate them or demean them when she let them go. When you have a policy of treating everyone with respect, whether they’ve earned it or not, the benefits of that policy will come back tenfold.

If you want to benefit from my training just like my mother did, please join me in Atlanta for the Speed Cleaning for the Pros conference on June 29 and 30. It is absolutely worth the investment and you’ll start to reap rewards immediately.

Was this helpful? Please let me know in the comments.

5 ways to improve your business in 5 days

Recently I had a Facebook Live event where I discussed 5 things you can do to improve your business in 5 days, and I wanted to share it here. I’m constantly hearing from people who tell me they want to take my Cleaning Business Fundamentals course but they can’t afford to invest in themselves right now. But if not now, when? The most important time to invest in yourself is NOW. You have to fix the lingering issues with your business. If you haven’t figured out how to make your business work well by now, you’re not going to guess your way into magically fixing things in the next year or two. The five things that you’ll learn here will improve your business and essentially cover the cost of my CBF course!

If you take the Cleaning Business Fundamentals course and follow the steps I outline to grow your seven-figure freedom-based business, you would have to ignore everything I tell you in order to not to triple your investment within a matter of months.

Fact: I would not be where I am today if I didn’t hire mentors. I’d still be trying to figure it out myself, making half of what I make now, because almost nobody guesses their way to extreme success. Anybody can guess their way to average— you don’t need me for that. Almost every highly successful entrepreneur (like Richard Branson, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, or Tony Robbins) says that hiring and working with a mentor was critical to their success. They needed somebody to help them see all the things they couldn’t see in order to take their businesses to the next level.

Think about how many hundreds of thousands of dollars you are not going to make in the next 5 to 10 years because you wanted to save yourself a few thousand dollars by not investing in your business.

That said, here are 5 ways you can improve your business in 5 days:   

  1. Post online in Facebook groups, Nextdoor, or other local sites every day for the next 5 days until you get one additional recurring client.
  2. Raise prices on one of your existing weekly cleaning clients.
  3. Improve production time by one hour a day for one employee, and bill those 5 extra hours.
  4. Give your top 5 clients a phone call to thank them and send them a gift.
  5. Donate a free cleaning.

Let’s look at these in more detail.

  1. Post online in Facebook groups, Nextdoor, or other local sites every day for the next 5 days until you get one additional recurring client. You’ve got to increase your marketing efforts. To snag one additional new client, post more online. You HAVE not because you ASK not. You’re so busy doing all the trivial and menial things in this business (or maybe you’re still out cleaning) instead of growing your business. You can get one new client by posting on Nextdoor, or searching for local Facebook groups, mom groups, entrepreneur groups, community groups. Search those groups for terms like “referral maid service” or “looking for house cleaning.” When you find someone who’s asking for your services, you can tag your own cleaning business. If you win a recurring client in the next five days, that’s an average of $3,000 in new revenue for the year.
  2. Raise prices on one of your existing weekly cleaning clients. The second thing you can do is to raise your prices on one existing client by 15%. Go pick one. Take a look through your client list and figure out which one is due for a price increase, and then do it. Just look at your list of clients and find the worst underpaying client that you’re not charging enough and who you know you should be charging more, then go increase their price by 15%.
  3. Improve production time by one hour a day for one employee. Get your staff trained to be more efficient so they can take on additional work. When you improve the productivity of just one employee by one billable hour a day, you’ll start adding to your bottom line. Pick one of your employees and improve their production rates by an hour a day. You’ll move them from billing out 6 billable hours a day to 7 billable hours a day, which is an additional 5 billable hours a week. If your pricing is around $45 per hour, that’s an extra $225 in revenue each week that you gain just by squeezing out one more billable hour per day in the next five days. This is completely possible if your team is trained on the speed cleaning training system.
  4. Give your top 5 clients a phone call to thank them and send them a gift. Not only is this a good thing to do, but it drives an increase in word of mouth referrals.
  5. Donate a free cleaning, just because. If you want to have more, you need to give more. The increased having I have is a direct result of the increased giving I’ve done. If you’re looking for an organization to join that can facilitate you donating free cleanings to women undergoing cancer treatments, I recommend Cleaning For A Reason, the non-profit I started in 2006.

Earth Day marketing ideas for your cleaning business

Earth Day celebrations will be kicking off next week and it’s a great time to remind your clients about all of the eco-friendly cleaning services your company provides. Earth Day is on April 22 each year and has been celebrated since 1970. Here are a few ideas of how you can promote this day to your customers and attract new clients.

Email your existing clients

You should be sending out regular emails to your clients to keep them up to date on your business. Email is one of the greatest low-cost marketing pieces you can do. Take this opportunity to reach out and let your customers know what type of eco-friendly or green cleaning you provide.

Word of mouth

What’s the greenest, eco-friendliest form of marketing there is? Word of mouth! (Also one of the most effective). In your email to your customers, tell them that word-of-mouth advertising doesn’t harm any trees and ask them to tell their friends about you. (Be sure to thank them for helping you, too.)

Social media

Post an Earth Day mention about your company on NextDoor or in Facebook groups. Make your post personal, telling people about your connection to the environment, and tell them something about yourself and your business.


Happy Earth Day! How are you promoting your eco-friendly, green cleaning on this day? Let me know in the comments.

How to be more productive with your time

On any given day as a business owner, I have more things to take care of than time to do it all. One of the secrets to my success is being able to amp up my own personal productivity and I want to share a few of my tricks with you. These should help you conquer your procrastination, foster intense focus and double your productivity.

Earlier in my career it was possible to shut my door to the world and focus on the task at hand, but now my phone is constantly interrupting my attention with demands to answer emails or text messages, or read the latest news or check social media. We have so many more access points to distract us, but you must take control of your attention and stay in control of it.

Take smaller tasks that you usually do throughout the day at different times and do them all in a batch. Group these tiny tasks together into a block of time and just churn through them. You’ll get them done quicker than as one-off or piecemeal tasks.

This grouping technique is also useful when dealing with your email. Try to only check it twice a day, which allows your email to stack up. Then you can power through them quickly instead of being constantly distracted by each one as they arrive in your inbox.

Another secret to achieving productivity is that whatever you’re doing, the hardest part about it is actually starting, actually getting going and getting into your flow. A plane trying to take off takes more energy to get going 100mph on the runway than it does to cruise at 400mph once it’s in the air. So whatever you want to accomplish, it’s better to go at it with all your attention than to nibble at it intermittently over a long period of time.

If possible, try to structure what you’re trying to accomplish in a 90 day cycle of three 30-day cycles each. Say you want to get ahead of the holiday rush on house cleaning but you need to hire additional staff to help out. For the first 30 days, focus solely on recruiting talent for your team. For the next 30 days, be laser-focused on implementing a training program for your new recruits. And for the final 30 days, turn your attention to doing a big sales and marketing push to attract new clients.

I’ve found that Tuesdays are the most productive day of the week for me, so I am obsessive about protecting Tuesday on my calendar. Find out which day of the week is your sweet spot and be equally protective about that day on your calendar. Then:

  • Schedule as many 90 minute closed-door, heads-down sessions as you can on that day
  • Don’t use this productive time to schedule team meetings or conference calls
  • Turn off your email and social media so that you can create gaps of time for focus
  • Send all your important communications and promotions on this day
  • Assign difficult tasks for your team to handle on this day

I hope this helps! Please let me know any of your productivity tips in the comments.

Why you need to take a vacation

Want to decrease stress and improve your personal productivity? Go on vacation.

According to a new survey, 42% of Americans failed take any paid vacation days in 2014. All work and no play is the new trend for nearly half of employees in the United States. As a result, we rank highest in depression and mental health problems. We’re experiencing burnout, reduced productivity, and lower creativity.

We fear being replaced or left behind and are addicted to always being busy. This is destroying our mental and physical health and our creative productivity. When you work 40 to 60 hours a week, your mind gets cluttered and its contents become pressurized. If you don’t give your mind some time to clear some of the steam out, it will boil over and decrease your productivity.

Time off is an important component of achievement and productivity. A few benefits from learning to take time off:

  • Recover your brain energy just like muscle after you work it out. One of the most important parts of productive muscle building is giving it recovery time. If you don’t give a muscle time to recover, you’ll actually be tearing the muscle down and weakening it by overtraining.
  • Refueling. Even a car or plane has to stop to refuel.
  • Regain control of your mind. Get back the buffer space in your mind between cause and reaction. If you don’t have any buffer built up, we lose our ability to consider our reaction to things. Instead of pausing before we react, we snap and lash out.
  • Improve your mood and attitude. When we clear the frenetic energy from our mind, our body dramatically improves. This alone will improve your productive time at the office in a huge way.
  • Be present. If you are working all the time you are not really present at home or at the office. Taking needed time off will help you regain your bearings and allow you to fully be there‑ wherever that is‑ at the office or with your family.

This is just a sample of the kind of help I can offer in my 16 week Cleaning Business Fundamentals course. For a free 30 minute consultation to discuss whether my course is a good fit for you, simply fill out my owner’s survey and I’ll be in touch to set up a time to talk.  

4 ways to conquer stress

Are you stressed? Here are 4 ways to conquer your stress.

Living in such a hectic, non-stop world AND running your own cleaning business is a recipe for stress, so I wanted to pass on a few simple ways that you can conquer your tension and stress.

1. Just do it

First of all, just do the things that you’ve been putting off. This one is huge. We’re all procrastinators, and usually we drag our feet about handling the things that we simply don’t want to do. Step up and tackle that thing on your to-do list that you keep avoiding. Just do it.

2. Take yourself less seriously

Next, stop taking yourself so seriously. You’re adding pressure to the anxiety you feel because you’re the center of your own universe. Maybe you’re worried about making a sales call or standing up in your local chamber of commerce to pitch your business. Here’s the thing—no one is as worried about your performance more than yourself. So stop taking yourself so seriously, take a deep breath, and relax.

3. Stop trying to control everything

Another thing: stop trying to control everything. I get it, we business owners are control freaks. We like to manage every step of the business, which is not the best use of time. Give up trying to control things that are out of your influence or that should be delegated. And once you’ve delegated them, step away and have confidence that they will be taken care of. (If not, time to rethink who’s on your team.)

4. Accept what you can’t get done and move on

Finally, accept what you can’t get done and move on. If you can’t change something or get something done, you just have to accept it and keep going. Acknowledge that it won’t be done, and then move on.

Take a moment and write down what is stressing you out right now, at this very moment. Then breathe deeply and apply the above advice. Just do it, stop taking yourself seriously, stop being a control freak, and accept it if you can’t get it done.

Still stressed? Think about this—most likely none of what you are stressed about right now really matters in the grand scheme of things. Even just five years from now you won’t remember a single thing about what you’re so stressed about right now. Honestly, it does not really matter. So don’t let things that don’t really matter in the future disrupt what’s important in your present. Right now is what matters.

This is just a sample of the kind of help I can offer in my 16 week Cleaning Business Fundamentals course. For a free 30 minute consultation to discuss whether my course is a good fit for you, simply fill out my owner’s survey and I’ll be in touch to set up a time to talk.  

5 Steps to Reinvent Yourself

To survive and thrive in this century, you’ve got to keep reinventing yourself. You need to continually do things that you’ve never done before, that you weren’t educated to do, that you haven’t been trained to do yet. So what are the five keys to reinventing yourself?

5 Steps to Reinvent Yourself

Leverage your strengths

You have unique talents and abilities, things that you do that most people cannot do or can’t do as well as you do them. These are things that you do so easily and joyfully that you hardly realize how valuable or powerful that ability is. What’s most important as you continually reinvent yourself is your ability to identify what your special strength is.

Identify your passion

Look deep inside yourself and ask yourself: what do you enjoy doing? What feels like “play” to you instead of “work”? What do you do when you don’t absolutely have to do something but you do it anyway because you enjoy it? What do people ask for your help with because it comes to you easily? You might have a unique skill or superpower that you can apply to your business in a way that you have not yet explored.

Be flexible, patient, and teachable

Or there might be something that you’re passionate about learning that you need a mentor for as you learn the skill. Remember that nothing worthwhile comes without effort. Realize what you need help with and reach out to those who are exceptional in that area. (Hint: you can meet these people at either our event in March or in our ongoing CBF group.)

Don’t listen to people who don’t believe in you

Friends, family, and peers who have known you forever—the old you, as you always have been— may be afraid of the direction you’re going in. Change frightens most people. But even scarier than change is to watch someone that you know has the courage to reinvent themselves and to grow beyond their status quo but to not do it. It’s so much easier to talk yourself out of your big goals and intention to change. Don’t listen to those naysayers.

Build a phenomenal support team

Find mentors and members of a peer group who share your ambition and who will be allies in your quest to achieve peak performance. One of the best things you can do is join us for the CBF Live event in March to meet the network of people who are there to push you toward succeeding. If you can’t make it in March, consider joining the CBF group that meets virtually throughout the year. This group will provide the right mental environment you need to support you on your constant journey of growth and improvement.

You have to continue to reinvent yourself to become the person you were always meant to be. You’ve got to keep pursuing your dreams and progressing toward your goal. We can help you. See you in Dallas in March?


How to fall in love with your business again

I’ve been thinking about how business is like a marriage; it’s a lifelong commitment that some people love and some people hate and feel trapped in. There are some dynamics of loving your business that it’s good to be reminded of that I’d like to cover today.

So how do you fall in love with your business all over again?

  1. Know that it’s a lifelong commitment that you have to work at.
  2. Accept being uncomfortable.
  3. Always keep learning more, either through books or with a mentor.
  4. Stop comparing your business to others.
  5. Celebrate your victories, both large and small.

Lifelong commitment

In most cases, owning your business is a very long commitment, unless you call it quits and pull the plug. You have to remember that it’s a marathon not a sprint, and most people are not going to have instant success.

If you always have one eye on the exit, it is probably not going to work out. This applies to both your business AND your marriage. When the going gets rough, if you have divorce in the back of your mind, you’re probably going to back out, and the same applies to your business. If it’s always an option to quit your business, you probably will. Now, some people are just flat out burned out, with no passion or heart left, and they should throw in the towel. If they’re living in agony and not taking active steps to improve their business, they should walk away. But if you still have the heart to make your business work, you should double down on your commitment to your company.

Just like in a marriage, you have to figure out how to move past issues and make things better. Perfect situations don’t exist in real life. Nothing is ever perfect. But you’ll find a solution if it’s not an option for you to quit. So be fully committed to making your business work. Stop being stuck in limbo where you’re frustrated and can’t make progress but aren’t taking active steps.

Accept being uncomfortable

When we first start our businesses, we’re so excited and everyone tells us “Attagirl!” and how brave we are to start our own company. But after that initial adrenaline wears off, the day-to-day challenges start to wear us down and we start to get afraid. You begin to hate your business when you’re not winning every day after you take it to the next level and hire people to help you and clients are calling to complain instead of praise you. Your mindset shifts and you feel like a failure, and it’s hard to be in love with something you’re failing at.

You need to learn to accept being uncomfortable. If you’re getting comfortable, chances are that a crisis is looming around the corner. It’s nice and easy to coast along, but that’s a dangerous place to be. Accept being uncomfortable. Go ahead and interview people continually so you’re ready when people unexpectedly quit. Spend that extra money on marketing. If you’re comfortable, you’re probably going nowhere.

There’s generally a breakdown before a breakthrough. For example, let’s say you’ve done a bunch of marketing to get more customers in the door, and maybe one of your employees quits right when the new work is streaming in. Maybe you upset a few customers or employees with a new policy or you have to work long hours while tweaking something in the business; these are the uncomfortable things that you will have to do to break through to the next level. Then you’ll work out the kinks and work towards the next level, always moving forward. Eventually you notice that it gets incrementally better. But if you’re not feeling uncomfortable, you’re not pushing your business.

Always keep learning more, either through books or with a mentor.

You should always be learning. Get a mentor, get training, read books. You cannot be stagnant. You can’t keep doing the same things year in and year out and expect a different outcome. You must continually be investing in your own development.

Several people attend my conferences or field trips again and again. When I ask them about it, they say that they learn something new each time. They were in a different place in their business and took something new away because of that change in perspective.

Join us at an amazing 3-day session this March in Dallas!

I am always reading, and I even have a coach. For those years that I didn’t have a coach, shame on me. I missed out on some opportunities by not maximizing my own skills. If we’re not continually learning, we’re not motivated or held accountable or solving problems correctly. You can’t guess your way to the right solution. It’s about inspiration, accountability, and a kick in the pants when you’re having a pity party and just need to take action. Most of us cannot take action by ourselves. We need an accountability partner.

Stop comparing your business to others.

Please stop comparing your business with other businesses. This comparison will undermine your motivation and you’re never going to measure up. I only compare myself to the level of success I want to achieve. If i compared myself to other people I’d be miserable because there’s always someone doing something better than me, publishing a book or running a bigger business. Measure yourself against your goal for what you want to be. You can compare your business to your goals but not to any other businesses. This will keep you from always being disappointed in your results. And don’t worry about what people say about their business because there’s a good chance that they’re exaggerating. Just worry about you.

Celebrate your victories, both large and small.

Take time to celebrate your large and small victories. Too many people only celebrate the big victories but we all need little celebrations to keep us inspired. Take time to appreciate where you are, to celebrate the milestone that you’ve reached instead of always looking toward the next goal.

Treat yourself to something so that you remain motivated and feel like you’re making progress. This is what you work hard for—to buy the things you want and live how you want. If you’re always stretching toward a new goal without stopping to enjoy your achievements, you will just frustrate yourself.

Stop and celebrate your victories. You can’t enjoy your business if all you do is grind it out. Maybe you could give yourself a small raise or go buy something for yourself. You’re not in business just to get to the next level, you’re in business to live how you want. Getting to the next level is simply to fund the things that you want in your life.

I hope these tips will help you to fall in love with your business all over again and to stay in love with your business. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Was this helpful? Please let me know in the comments.


This is just a sample of the kind of help I can offer in my 16 week Cleaning Business Fundamentals course. For a free 30 minute consultation to discuss whether my course is a good fit for you, simply fill out my owner’s survey and I’ll be in touch to set up a time to talk.

How to build a strong success network

How are those New Year’s resolutions looking? If one of yours was to increase the profit from your cleaning business, I’m here to help keep you on track. You’ve got to remember that you have 100% control and responsibility for your success. You direct your own destiny! So it’s time to start realizing your potential and become successful.

Achieving success is not a one time thing. It’s a journey— a day-over-day, week-over-week, month-over-month, and year-over year journey. It’s never-ending! And the most important influence that you have on your trip to success is who you choose to spend time with, who walks beside you on this journey. Depending on who they are, they’ll either speed you up or drag you down. They’ll determine your physical and mental health along the journey depending on what type of snacks and conversation they bring along as either good or bad influences.

With that in mind, take a look at your peers, your mentors, your entire team. It’s time to get rid of the ones who are slowing you down and standing in your way to success. It’s time to replace those weak links with people who have experience and can help you on your way.

One of the best things I can recommend for you is to join other professional cleaning business owners who are looking to accelerate their game, either at our event in March or in our ongoing CBF group. This elite group of achievers will make you expect more from yourself and your business and provide valuable support and advice along the way.

Join us at an amazing 3-day session this March in Dallas!

Does your current support structure match the vision of where you want to be in three years? Do they even know where you’re headed? Are they an engine that will help drive you or an anchor that will drag you down and hold you back? It’s time to make the choice of who you want to rub shoulders with on a daily basis, who you want on your team.

The key to growth, progress, and success is not really about learning anything new, but to be reminded about what we once learned so that we can consistently do that which we know. The team you will join at one of these CBF events will help to remind you, constantly, of what you have learned, and to put those things into practice. Come join us!

Are you ready to get started? An amazing three-day session in Dallas in March will give you the sales, marketing, and branding keys to success. Or you can sign up for my Cleaning Business Fundamentals Course. Let’s do this!