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Cleaning Business Fundamentals

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Debbie Sardone teaches cleaning business owners how to build a business, from start-up to success and profits, where the owner never cleans and ease of operations is a TOP PRIORITY.  Profits, systems, scalability and quality of life for you are the core values that drive the proven strategies for successful maid service management and growth.

Curious about Debbie’s signature program, Cleaning Business Fundamentals, for residential cleaning business owners? Want to know what’s it all about, how it works and if it’s the NEXT BEST MOVE for you and your business?


Create A 7 Figure Cleaning Business With The INCOME And FREEDOM You Deserve!

Everything You Need to Learn How to Become a Mop-Free Millionaire


Proven, time-tested methods and million dollar maid
service strategies.


Forms, notes, spreadsheets and
tools all included.


Step by step instructions, specific “how-to’s” and industry specific metrics.

Join The Hundreds of Cleaning Business Owners Who Changed Their Business and Their Lives with Debbie’s Cleaning Business Coaching

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Cleaning Business Fundamentals

The Most Comprehensive Cleaning Business Coaching Program Available





Topics Overview

1. The Right Start –Stop stalling and just START! Shed your limiting beliefs, the number one reason most maid services fall or have low profitability, why 93% of all maid services never gross a million dollars in sales a year.

2. Owner’s Role – How to get out of the field and stay out, how to transition clients who only want you, training your cleaners to “clean like you”, overcoming excessive chaos, the entrepreneurial myth, scaling a profitable business, time management vs overwhelm.

3. The Model – Setting up the best model for profitability and ease of operations from team size, automobiles, uniforms, 1099 vs 941, wage structure.

4. Staffing – Pay For Performance, how to find, attract, screen the best staff. How to build a career-cleaner culture, how to reduce and prevent disruptive employee turnover, absenteeism, and drama.

5. Training – The correct way to train for speed, quality, and consistency. How to duplicate your best staff and maintain quality over time.

6. Branding – How to build or (rebuild) a winning brand, avoid the price wars, the commodity image, and attract the highest paying clients.

7. Marketing – Maid service specific strategies for finding top paying, repeat clients, winning back lost clients, standing out in a crowded market, how to forecast growth, understanding and measuring attrition.

8. Pricing & Bidding – Specific tools and tips for pricing jobs accurately, up-selling, winning and closing more bids, move-in/move-out cleans, deep cleans, measuring & pricing dirt.

9. Sales – How to track and measure everything, close the sale, win the repeat business, price high and still win, sell over the phone, defining service profiles, how to track customer acquisition cost, and measure ROI.

10. Systems & Process – Creating a self-running business, how to systemize everything so that your business can grow, scale, and eventually run without you.

11. In-Home Estimates – To do or not to do, the best way to conduct estimates, what to leave behind, customer contracts, company policies, winning, closing more sales.

12. Maintaining Quality – Avoid the franchise reputation, standardization, delivering excellence, setting expectations, reducing complaints, handling complaints, securing 5-star reviews.

13. Organizational Chart – The administrative roles and responsibilities, who to hire first, scheduling, sales, customer service, operations, cleaners, team leaders, training managers, admin assistants, promote within.

14. Business Metrics – Know thy numbers, the KPIs (key performance indicators), what to track and measure, industry norms for revenue, costs, overhead, and owner’s profit, running your business by the numbers.

15. Basic Operations – Managing keys, alarms, scheduling recurring jobs, booking initial cleans, one time cleans, managing supplies, laundry, equipment maintenance, pay day procedures, absence and vacation policies, employee non-compete contract, customer contracts and policies.

16. Managing Growth – Growing to a million dollars, creating a business with the end in mind, setting up for quality of life, resale, or just ease of operations and stable profits with long-term stability.

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  • Founder of Cleaning For A Reason, a nationally-prominent non-profit providing free house cleaning for 30,000+ women battling cancer
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  • Author, Bartnernomics and Speed Cleaning for the Pros
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