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As we step into spring, it is the perfect moment to access our training practices and look for ways to shore up our approach to working efficiently and effectively. I’m revisiting the cleaning fundamentals that have helped shape successful cleaning businesses, including mine: The 13 Rules of Speed Cleaning.

Here’s a deeper dive into our roadmap for a sparkling 2024:

Make Every Move Count: Think of yourself as a cleaning ninja – every swipe and step is strategic, propelling you closer to that flawless finish. Imagine streamlining your tasks so that every action has a purpose.

Use the Right Tools: Just like a superhero needs their gadgets, we need our trusty tools. Efficiency isn’t just about speed; it’s about wielding the right broom, mop, or cloth for the job. And don’t forget the apron – it’s practically our cape!

Work from Top to Bottom: This one’s about working smarter, not harder. Start your cleaning spree up high and let gravity be your helper, ensuring dust and dirt naturally fall where you haven’t cleaned yet and can vacuum up.

If It Isn’t Dirty, Don’t Overclean It: We’re in the business of cleaning, not overdoing. Focus on what truly needs your attention and give a quick touch-up to the rest. This way, we’re not wasting time on spots that are already spick and span.

Don’t Rinse or Wipe Before It’s Clean: Feel your way through the clean. You know you’ve nailed it when the surface transitions from gritty to smooth under your touch. That’s when it’s time for the grand reveal with a rinse or wipe.

Don’t Overstay Your Welcome: It’s like being a gracious guest in your client’s home. Do your magic, then make your exit, leaving behind nothing but shine.

Upgrade Your Tools When Necessary: Keeping our toolkit fresh is key. A worn-out scrub brush won’t do us any favors, so let’s stay on top of replacing and upgrading our gear.

Keep Your Tools in Pristine Condition: Treat your tools like your treasures. A well-maintained duster, mop, or vacuum is going to be your best ally in the field.

Repetition Makes for Perfect Moves: Like any skill, practice leads to perfection. The more we refine our routine, the smoother and quicker we become.

Pay Attention: In the world of cleaning, distraction is the enemy. Keeping focused ensures we don’t miss a spot and that our cleaning is always up to par.

Keep Track of Your Time: Time management is crucial in our line of work. Setting goals for each room or task can help keep us on track and ensure we’re cleaning efficiently.

Use Both Hands: It may sound simple, but using both hands doubles our effectiveness. Whether it’s dusting shelves or scrubbing counters, let’s make the most of our built-in tools.

Work as a Team: When possible, tag-teaming the job can make the work lighter and more enjoyable. Coordination and communication can turn a daunting task into a piece of cake.

As we spring forward, let’s revisit these principles with fresh eyes and renewed energy. It’s about fine-tuning our team’s approach, embracing the basics, and setting ourselves up for a season of growth, efficiency, and sparkling successes.

For more information about Speed Cleaning training and eco-friendly and professional cleaning tools, visit Here’s to a season of successful cleanings!

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