Cleaning Business Fundamentals for Start-ups

Are you starting a residential cleaning business? Or thinking about it?

Smart! Starting a residential cleaning business is on the list of Top Businesses to start in 2021 — and on the list for just about every other year too. The desire for a clean home never goes out of style so house cleaning is a business that’s here to stay! And these days a clean house isn’t just nice to have; it’s a matter of health and safety. It’s no surprise that…the residential cleaning industry isBOOMING!

Why are YOU thinking about starting a cleaning business? 

  • Relatively low cost to get started
  • Desire to own your own business
  • Love to clean
  • Launching a 2nd career
  • Love making people happy
  • Contribute to your community by creating good jobs
  • Improve life for you and your family
  • Live your dream life with a great income and freedom that comes with being your own boss

Did you know that Debbie Sardone started her cleaning business out of the trunk of her car?!

A house cleaning business checks lots of boxes including the potential to make money and enjoy a great life as a business owner! The residential cleaning industry in the US alone is estimated to be a $40B industry by 2025 and it is growing at an annual rate of 20%!


Are you READY to grab a piece of that pie?

Do you know…

where to start?

how much money you’ll need?

what systems you’ll need and which system you’ll need first?

what it takes to be legal?

what services you’ll offer and how much to charge?

where to find employees and how much to pay them?

what supplies you’ll need and where to buy them?

whether to have company cars or not, whether to hire employees or contractors?

how to get customers to call and what to say when they do?

how to convince a customer that they should hire your company?

what to do when something in a customer’s home gets broken or damaged?

how to protect yourself financially and not lose everything?

how to build a business that gives you the income and life you want?

We do! We’ve built successful house cleaning companies ourselves…and we’re still growing! Building a house cleaning company isn’t complicated but like any new business it can be costly in time and money if you don’t know what to do. It’s why 50% of all new businesses fail within 3 years and 93% of all cleaning companies NEVER reach even $500K in annual revenues.


Cleaning Business Fundamentals for Start-ups

Learn Everything You Need to Start Your Cleaning Business and Get on the Path Toward Becoming a Mop-Free Millionaire


Proven, time-tested methods and million dollar maid service strategies.


Step by step instructions, specific “how-to’s” and industry specific metrics.


Forms, notes, spreadsheets and
tools all included.

Meet Coach Jeannie, our startups expert.