The Maid Coach Raises $10,000 For Hurricane Harvey Victims

While 60 inches of rain were soaking Houston, Debbie Sardone knew that cleaning businesses in the area were going to need help recovering from the devastation. As a top cleaning business development expert based a few hundred miles away in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Debbie has spent years helping owners grow their cleaning companies into highly profitable enterprises. She jumped into action and offered her most popular training course, Cleaning Business Fundamentals, at half price and donated 100 percent of the proceeds from the first six programs sold to help Houston-area cleaning businesses. Within 24 hours, she raised $10,000 to go directly to maid services that were affected by the hurricane.

“The money is helping these businesses to clean up their locations, replenish their stock of damaged supplies, make payroll, and keep their business running while they regroup after this tragedy,” said Debbie.

She was thrilled by the response of cleaning business owners across the U.S. and Canada who were eager to take her training course and to donate to those impacted by the hurricane. “They got to transform their own business while helping out another business— a win-win for all,” Debbie said.

In addition to offering her Cleaning Business Fundamentals course, Debbie will also be hosting many cleaning business owners in January 2018 at the Speed Cleaning for the Pros conference. She is passionate about helping other business owners find ways to maximize their revenue, retain superstar employees, attract top paying clients, and grow their companies.

This hurricane relief effort to Houston-based maid services shows how much sympathy she has for companies struggling to recover from the disaster. The Houston maid services helped by her effort were incredibly touched but not surprised by Debbie’s action.

“She has such a big heart and cares about helping companies succeed. That feeling comes through everything Debbie does,” one owner said.  Another business owner who received some of the funds said, “Thank you so very much. You have no clue how much I truly appreciate this.”

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