Why you need to take a vacation

Want to decrease stress and improve your personal productivity? Go on vacation.

According to a new survey, 42% of Americans failed take any paid vacation days in 2014. All work and no play is the new trend for nearly half of employees in the United States. As a result, we rank highest in depression and mental health problems. We’re experiencing burnout, reduced productivity, and lower creativity.

We fear being replaced or left behind and are addicted to always being busy. This is destroying our mental and physical health and our creative productivity. When you work 40 to 60 hours a week, your mind gets cluttered and its contents become pressurized. If you don’t give your mind some time to clear some of the steam out, it will boil over and decrease your productivity.

Time off is an important component of achievement and productivity.

A few benefits from learning to take time off:

  • Recover your brain energy just like muscle after you work it out. One of the most important parts of productive muscle building is giving it recovery time. If you don’t give a muscle time to recover, you’ll actually be tearing the muscle down and weakening it by overtraining.
  • Refueling. Even a car or plane has to stop to refuel.
  • Regain control of your mind. Get back the buffer space in your mind between cause and reaction. If you don’t have any buffer built up, we lose our ability to consider our reaction to things. Instead of pausing before we react, we snap and lash out.
  • Improve your mood and attitude. When we clear the frenetic energy from our mind, our body dramatically improves. This alone will improve your productive time at the office in a huge way.
  • Be present. If you are working all the time you are not really present at home or at the office. Taking needed time off will help you regain your bearings and allow you to fully be there‑ wherever that is‑ at the office or with your family.

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