Training is one the most important things we do, so let’s talk about training. You need to on-board staff quickly and be able to replace them quickly if they don’t work out. You need a training program that doesn’t take a month to train your staff. I talk to a lot of owners who take 3 or 4 weeks to train their new staff. But when you have a solid, proven, systematized training program (not just a book or DVD), you can get your training done in 1 week. Join me for the Speed Cleaning for the Pros conference in Dallas on January 26 and 27 and walk away with a rock-solid training program that will save you money over the long run.

What I take you through in this conference is not to clean fast—it’s not about hurrying or racing. Speed is about efficiency. When you’re using the speed cleaning method, your staff will learn how to achieve efficiency through a system of cleaning & a series of very specific and intentional series of steps. You don’t achieve speed through hurrying.

The benefits of having a fully implemented training program is that it works even when you (the owner) are not training or when your best trainer is out sick or quits. You need a program that is systematic and easy to launch.

So how does the conference work?

I teach you my step-by-step formula on Friday, January 26. I recommend that the owner or high level office manager come on Friday, and you can bring other staff on Saturday. I give you a strategic overview of the right way to train employees. Most people don’t have it all right— they may have a few good elements but not enough to transform your results and your whole program.

I teach you the difference between speed and quality. Your staff works quicker because they’re more efficient, not because they’re hurrying. It’s all about having a system that is the most efficient way to clean.

I help you define your service profiles. Handling a maintenance clean with speed cleaning methods can reduce the time it takes between 30 minutes to an hour. We talk about improving productivity and reducing labor costs. You’ll make back more money than it costs you to come to this event within the first couple of months of returning home and implementing the program.

We’ll also talk about reducing complaints so that you maintain a high rating online. The quality and consistency of your service will increase, which means complaints will decrease. We’ll discuss how to improve your online reviews, all while achieving efficiency and speed.

Another area I’ll cover is how to structure your incentive pay. Maybe currently you have trainers come up to you and tell you that they don’t want to train new employees. We’ll discuss how to structure your incentives so that people will come to you and ask to be trainers because you make it so enticing.

Customers will notice inconsistencies in your cleaning if your staff all have various methods of cleaning. With proper training, you create consistency and keep clients happy. This way if your star cleaner is out sick or quits on you, your client will not notice because their replacement will be just as good.

Bottom line: You’ve got to train your trainer. Join me at the Speed Cleaning for the Pros conference so that you can nail down your training program.

Can’t make that date? Get the tools and information on DVD or buy the DVDs from the original Speed Cleaning For The Pros Conference nine years ago.

Another option for your business is to sign up for my Cleaning Business Fundamentals Course. This 16 week course gives you the best information about training, strategy, and weekly answers to your burning questions. For a free 30 minute consultation to discuss whether my course is a good fit for you, simply fill out my owner’s survey and I’ll be in touch to set up a time to talk.