Once your cleaning business reaches the point where you have more work than you can handle, you’ll need to bring on additional pairs of hands to help you. Eventually you’ll rely on your staff to do the cleaning while you handle everything else, so you want to make sure they are properly cleaning so that the excellent reputation you built up does not suffer when someone else is cleaning.

There are lots of training tips out there, and I highly recommend my Employee Training manual by SpeedCleaning.com. I’ll cover some of the highlights from the manual, but I suggest you buy a copy or two to share with your staff. It has all the information you need about training your staff to clean thoroughly and efficiently.

Customers hire a professional house cleaning service  to help them keep up with the weekly or bi-weekly maintenance of their home. This means a complete clean of the kitchen and bathrooms (including floors!), plus dusting and vacuuming the remainder of the home.

The program outlined in the training manual lays down thirteen rules that, if followed, will make your cleaning staff as perfect and quick as humanly possible. These rules include these first three that are absolutely essential:

  • Make every move count. Carry your supplies and tools with you so you’re not moving back and forth across a room, and work your way around the room only once (except when you go back to do the floors). It sounds obvious, but it takes practice to get into the habit of not backtracking, ever.
  • Work from top to bottom and left to right. This goes hand in hand with the first rule of making every move count. You’re not wasting any moves, and you know that you’ve covered the entire room when you’re finished.
  • Use the right tools. Don’t skimp on the tools and equipment that you use, because using quality tools will help you save even more time. A cleaning apron to hang your tools on and to put cleaning supplies into will free you up enormously.

Stay tuned for more tips around training your staff. If you can’t wait, grab a copy of the training manual to get started right away!