Valentine’s Day is next week, and this is a great time to sell gift cards for your maid service. People are looking to buy gifts for people they love; it’s not just spouses searching for presents but also mother-in-laws looking for items for their daughter-in-laws. And you can use this opportunity to sell gift cards for your services.

But don’t just print up an ugly certificate or email your customers with their gift card. Turn this into a tangible gift package that anyone would be thrilled to receive. Bump up the value of the gift basket by including chocolates, candles, a CD, maybe champagne and toasting glasses, then put it all into a gorgeous basket wrapped with a bow.

This is a marketing tip that most cleaning businesses ignore. By turning your cleaning service into a gift, you’ll sell more of them. You need to switch your mindset from selling a “cleaning” versus selling a “gift” because you’re marketing this to people who are not buying it for themselves but for someone else.

You don’t have to break the bank doing this, either. You can get some cute wine glasses at the dollar store and a discount CD with romantic music, along with some chocolate that you might buy in bulk to keep costs down. Then stick your gift card or certificate in the basket and wrap it up with a pretty bow and you can sell that gift basket for more than what your maid service gift card is worth.

The essential thing to keep in mind is that you’re selling a present, not a cleaning, so you need it to look and feel like a gift. There’s nothing elegant or romantic about a spouse printing out an email and handing it over on February 14th. But this gift basket has a big WOW factor if you add a couple of nice touches to it.

You can tell your clients that if they’re looking for an amazing gift this Valentine’s Day they shouldn’t just buy another piece of jewelry or something that will be worn and then maybe not appreciated all year long. The gift of maid service is appreciated all year long. So be sure to talk it up in your emails throughout the year; you can sell them for birthdays and Christmas, too.

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