When you’re an entrepreneur, you’ve got a million things that you need to deal with. So how do you make the most of your day? It’s all about time management and prioritization. And remember —“Done is better than perfect.” Let go of your tendency to achieve perfection so that you get more done.

Most of us are busier than we should be. So how do you get more of the important things done in your day? You have to focus on the most important task on your to-do list and do it. Successful people don’t do everything… they just do the most important things. People ask me how I’m able to do it all and the secret is that I don’t. I just do the highest priority things.

Make a list every day of the important things you need to do. For most of us, our lists are ridiculously long. Successful people do the right things. Make your list, then circle three things on the list that you absolutely must do today. Maybe that is to place a help wanted ad to fill an open position, maybe that’s to follow up with all first time customers today or return voicemails that came in overnight. (Returning calls from potential customers should be at the top of your priority list). Decide on the top three things that will move your business forward today.

This forces you to make a choice. Without circling the top 3, when you look at a list of 25 things you’ll do the things that are easy or that you like to do. So circle your “must-dos” and then do them.

Apply your time and attention to the things you need to do every day to reach your ultimate goal.

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