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If you are a cleaning entrepreneur who seems to be working 24/7/365, please take a few minutes to read this. You never signed up for this constant grind of nonstop work— you want a thriving business that can function well and be successful without your constant presence. Well, you are in luck! I have an upcoming conference that gives you all the tools you need to create a successful cleaning business that can run without you. You’ll come away from our time together knowing the key things you need to implement at any and every stage of your business for more growth, profits, and freedom.

Very few cleaning business owners have figured out how to have both prosperity and freedom. 99% of the people I talk to either don’t make enough, work too hard for what they are getting, or experience a combination of both of these things. But it’s a myth that you have to work day and night to be successful. Join us in Dallas in March and I will show you how I did it and how my clients are doing it now, too.

Doing the right things in business can be simple when you know what they are and have a road map. But it’s also easy NOT to do the right things and waste precious time and money! At CBF Live, I’ll share my roadmap to success. We’ll cover how to have the right mindset, the right processes, and the right team in place to drive your cleaning business to new levels of success—all without you being a day-to-day player. Put my system into place and you will be able to experience the freedom that you have always dreamed of, all while your cleaning business is churning away, executing at a high level of quality, bringing in profits.

To achieve freedom from your business, you need to have structures, processes, and a system in place. A friend of mine once said, “Everybody has a system in place in their business, but most of the time they have the wrong one!” The right one is critical to your success… not talent, capital, charisma, or an academic degree. And the structures and processes in your business need to be purposeful, not just the ones that developed over time and that aren’t serving you, your employees, or your customers well. During this event, I will walk you through the system I’ve used to create my million dollar maid service—where I am now an absentee owner— and that hundreds of my clients are using to earn an income they deserve and a life they love.

In order to create a successful self-running cleaning business, you have to have the right mindset about money and time. Here’s the thing: You can always make more money, but you cannot make more time. If you are afraid to spend your money, it’s because you believe you can’t make more. Whatever money you might save by doing things yourself is actually lost somewhere else, especially if you value your time.

Having the right team will make or break you when it comes to having the freedom to step away from your business and have it run itself. You can make money with the wrong team in place but you will end up paying for it with your freedom and quality of life, as many of us business owners have found out the hard way. With the right team, you can grow your business PLUS enjoy days off, or even stop working in your business altogether, becoming an absentee owner. The right team—and system—will enable you to work ON your business, not just IN your business, and you’ll be able to step away while trusting that your business is on track.

So put down your mop for a few days. Register for CBF Live for the training you owe yourself and for the community who will help you stay accountable and excited.

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