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Have you ever wondered how a residential cleaning business could evolve from a struggle to a thriving success? I’ve walked that path, and I’m eager to share my story – because it just might resonate with yours.

I began my journey cleaning homes 40 years ago, where my customers loved my work, and the idea of being paid $5 an hour for my services was simply astounding! But eight years later, drowning in more customers than I could manage, I realized it was time to make a significant change – transitioning from being a cleaner to a full-fledged business owner.

The shift hit me hard. What used to be a breeze as a one-person operation turned into a labyrinth of challenges – hiring, training, bidding, winning, and retaining clients. My dream of running my own cleaning company started slipping away, and my business felt more like a burden than an asset.

In a pivotal moment of desperation, I contemplated closing my doors. But then, I made the best decision of my life – I went looking for help! I hired a coach, and within nine months, I reached the $1M mark. It was a turning point that underscored the transformative power of investing in oneself.

Today, my business stands at over $3.5M in annual sales, is 100% self-running, and has opened doors to multiple successful ventures – all thanks to the time freedom my residential cleaning business has given me.

Now, it’s your turn to embark on a similar journey. Join me at CBF Live 2024, where I’ll share my insights and the invaluable lessons I learned along the way. It’s more than just an event; it’s your opportunity to transform your business.

Don’t miss out on this chance to rewrite your story. Register now for CBF Live 2024, and let’s make your journey one for the books!

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