Recently I was on a morning radio show to talk about a new study that just came out about the dangers of dust. This Harvard University study found over 45 chemicals in five different classes, including carcinogenic chemicals. This gives a whole new seriousness to the topic of dusting.

Before you panic, realize that most of us aren’t ingesting buckets of household dust every day. So breathe a little bit easier, and read on for some valuable tips on how to dust properly and reduce the danger of dust in your home.

Dust often. Don’t let it build up. If you’re the primary cleaner in your home, be sure to stay on top of dust on a regular basis.

Don’t flip dust into the air when dusting. Judging by the way frantic dusting is sometimes depicted on film, it’s no wonder that people just don’t know how to dust properly. You want to gather the dust onto the cloth or duster, not disperse it into the air where it will settle back down later.

Use a decent microfiber duster with an eco-friendly cleaning product. These microfiber cloths do a great job at holding in the dust until you’re ready to shake it off or wash them. Eco-friendly cleaners are safe around pets and babies and you’re not ingesting harsh chemicals when you’re cleaning your home.

If you do use a feather duster, don’t just move the dust around. Gently move the dust in one direction, don’t just flip it back and forth. Stop and tap the duster on your ankle or shoe so that the dust drops to the floor where it can be vacuumed up later.

Tackling a ceiling fan? Climb up and get above the dust; don’t dust with it right above your face so that you’re inhaling all that dust when you clean. Carefully wipe off the blades with a microfiber towel and you’re good to go.

How do you tackle dust? Let me know in the comments!