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As we enter what is typically a pretty busy and often stressful season, it is good to remember we are all resilient. We CAN do hard things!

Coach Beth Eldredge recently reminded me of this when she shared her story of her husband, Walter’s, complex medical situation and its impact on her business. Coach Beth faced a challenging SIX weeks as Walter battled serious health issues with his gallbladder and liver. He underwent significant hospitalization and procedures, ultimately having a successful operation.

Despite the difficulties, Beth highlighted essential lessons learned during this period, emphasizing the importance of solid business systems, a supportive team culture, community relationships, self-care, and personal growth during tough times.

Oh – did I mention, Walter is also her Operations Manager??? Can you believe she kept her business running smoothly for six weeks without her husband AND Operations Manager? She’s pretty amazing – and she’s sharing how it worked:

Solid Systems Matter:

The robust systems we’ve implemented through CBF proved invaluable during these challenging weeks. Our business operated seamlessly for six weeks without requiring our direct involvement, thanks to the stability of our systems.

Team Culture Matters:

Our incredible team stepped up, showcasing the power of a united front. Whether answering phones or handling supplies, their collaborative efforts and support for each other and Walter were truly heartwarming.

Community Matters:

Gratitude abounds for our CBF community, friends, and family who rallied around us. Your gestures of support were deeply appreciated, emphasizing the importance of investing in relationships.

Self-Care Matters:

Recognizing the gravity of the situation, I made a conscious commitment to prioritize self-care. It wasn’t easy initially, but it proved crucial for my ability to support others.

Growth Happens When It’s Hard:

These challenging times, amidst my Deep Cleaning Specialist training and personal commitments, stretched me to new limits. The growth, though challenging, has made me feel stronger in all aspects of life.

Let Coach Beth’s journey be a source of inspiration for us all. Her resilience and the lessons learned during challenging times underscore the power of processes and structures, culture, and community. As we navigate our own unique paths, let’s come together in the Cleaning Business Profits Facebook Group. Share your stories, experiences, and insights.

Together, we can uplift, inspire, and strengthen the fabric of our incredible cleaning community. Your voice matters, and your story — like Beth’s — might just be the encouragement someone else needs today.

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