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Here’s a question that we see often in our FB group for cleaning business owners: “How do I find the perfect coach to help me grow my cleaning business?” I love this question because it says that the person asking it is open to learning. They acknowledge that they don’t know it all and are asking for help.

There are free or cheap options available like connecting with SCORE Mentors, available in many cities and towns across the US or devouring YouTube tutorials about starting and running a service business. These resources are fantastic for the basics, but there comes a time when you crave that next level of growth and you are asking…

When is it time to level up with a coach?

Here’s what I advise:

…When You Want to Fast-Track Success – Why meander through trial and error when you can zoom straight to results with expert guidance?

…When You Find That Industry Pro – There’s nothing like learning from someone who’s not just steps but miles ahead in our specific cleaning business journey.

How do you choose a coach to work with?

Here’s my checklist:

Do Your Research – Look for the cream of the crop in the industry. You want someone who’s not just talking the talk but has walked the walk all the way to a self-running, successful cleaning business.

Go Industry-Specific – A jack-of-all-trades coach might give you a sprinkle of wisdom here and there but for the meaty, game-changing strategies? You need someone who breathes success in residential cleaning business development.

Success Stories Matter – Transparency is everything. Ask for referrals, success stories, and the real results they’ve achieved for folks just like you. Find out if they’ve built (and possibly sold) a thriving cleaning business themselves.

Last, some friendly advice from me to you:

Experience vs. Knowledge – There’s a world of difference between someone who’s learned from books and someone who’s been in the trenches, growing a cleaning empire. Opt for experience every time.

Invest in Results, Not Discounts – Sure, a bargain sounds sweet, but what’s sweeter is a coach who can catapult your business to new heights. Look for value, not just a low price tag.

Organized Systems Over Random Advice – A coach with a step-by-step system tailored for cleaning businesses is worth their weight in gold. It’s about transforming your business, not just tweaking it.

In essence, whether you’re just starting to feel the pinch of stagnation or you’re raring to skip ahead to the success line, the right coach can be the catalyst you need. And remember, investing in your education and business growth isn’t an expense; it’s the pathway to becoming a mop-free millionaire.

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