I recently had the chance to hear Tony Robbins speak, in person. He is such an inspiring, amazing, brilliant, and success-oriented speaker— he was everything I hoped for and more! He was supposed to be finished at 5:30pm but he was still preaching and screaming about business success principles until 7:30pm! Nobody was tired, nobody wanted to leave, we were all chanting and saying “YES, WE CAN DO IT!” — I danced and clapped the whole time.

I thought I’d share a few things from Tony’s final wrap up speech, especially around the three steps to success that are applicable to cleaning business owners. When Tony was talking about what it takes to be successful, I kept saying, “That’s exactly what I’ve been trying to teach!” It aligns perfectly with my own philosophy.

Step 1: Have the right steps to follow

Step 1 of how to be successful is that you have to have the right steps to follow. It’s not enough to get inspired, to get motivated, and to shout “Attagirl, you got this!” That’s just the cold, hard truth. You’ve got to get the right steps, and be on the right path. And guess what? I can help you with the right steps you need to take to get your cleaning business on the right track.

Step 2: Do the steps in the right order

Step 2 to success is that you have to do those right steps in the right order. I find this to be a struggle for so many cleaning business owners. So many owners are solving the wrong problems, doing things backwards. “I just need to amp up my marketing,” one cleaning business owner told me. I told him, “No, you don’t. Your employees are quitting on you, left and right; you need to focus on that piece first.”

You’ve got to do the right steps in the right order. If you can’t hang onto your best workers, if they are turning over every 9-10 months, then marketing isn’t the next step to work on, it’s employee retention. More great news—I can help you here, too!

Step 3: Have the right community

Step 3 for success is to be in the right community. I teach this all the time—it’s one of the main benefits of the Cleaning Business Fundamentals group. You need to be in the right community and right environment in order to thrive.

Here’s a clue: You need to be around people who cheer when you win. Too many times we’re in the wrong community and around the wrong people. Jim Rohn said your success will be determined by the five people you spend the most time with in your life— it will mirror the success of those five people. If you’re hanging out with losers and unsuccessful people, getting advice from people who are nowhere near where you want to be with your cleaning business, you’re not going to grow above their level.

Be around people who make you stretch for bigger goals, to do better and to be better. Be in the right room with the right people, with high achievers, with people no longer asking “What kind of mop do you use?” but who are asking high level strategy questions instead.

Then what?

After you’ve got the right steps in the right order and the right community, you simply rinse and repeat. One of the biggest mistakes we make is always trying to track down new information and not taking the time to implement the old information we know is valuable.

Rinse & repeat is powerful. Once you have the right steps in place for growing your cleaning business, stop looking for more steps, new steps, or different steps. Now, that doesn’t mean you don’t apply new tactics, tools, and technology. But your strategy and structure won’t change.

If you’re always chasing new ideas you’re probably not implementing the last course or app or strategy that you learned. Learn the steps again and do it again and again to improve.

So join Cleaning Business Fundamentals today. You’ll be in a cocoon of support with other cleaning business professionals. We’re there to inspire you and also to kick you into gear if you need it. CBF is a community of doers, givers, and winners. We work really hard to keep other cleaning business owners accountable and to drive success for everyone.