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2021 was yet another a year that we’ll never forget.  While we finally began to learn how to continue to do business during a global pandemic, the challenges seem to never end.  2021 will long be remembered as the year of the labor shortage.

Because one of these new years HAS to be better than the last, we wanted to take a moment to look back briefly and review the topics that have been most popular in 2021.  The ranking is based solely on actual traffic as measured by Google Analytics.  Without further ado…


What You Have Been Reading in 2021


Starting a Cleaning Business1. Starting a Cleaning Business Checklist

For the second consecutive year, the most popular article of the year covers everything that you need to know when starting a cleaning business.  Not surprising, considering that many cleaning business owners who take advantage of Debbie Sardone’s coaching programs are just starting out on their journey toward becoming a Mop-free Millionaire.  The article is so popular, in fact, that we recently decided to expand upon the original article with even more in depth information.

2. How Much to Pay Your Cleaners

And once again, for the the consecutive year, the second most popular article answers one of the first questions we receive when a cleaning business owner first starts out with Debbie’s programs.  How do you pay a competitive wage that will attract top talent and still remain profitable?  There’s more than one answer to the question and this article covers many of them.

3. 7 Questions to Ask Prospects Before Giving Them a Quote

The first new entry versus 2020, this article provides insight into how your first conversation with a prospect should go.  It helps you gather the information necessary to be able to provide an accurate quote for the services they desire.

4. How to Create a Million Dollar Cleaning Business That Runs Itself:  Secret #1

The CBF program was literally created to help cleaning business owners become Mop-free Millionaires and create a business that eventually can run without the owner having to be involved at each and every step.   You could argue that a secret divulged in a blog post isn’t actually a secret, but sometimes something becomes a secret simply because so few people are aware of it.

5. Starting a Residential Cleaning Business:  A Guide to Estimating New Jobs

Are you charging enough to cover all of your expenses and still remain profitable?  This article covers everything you need to consider when establishing your pricing and estimating new jobs.

6. How to Offer Move-Out Cleaning Services

It is likely the popularity of this topic increased directly as a result of the real estate boom that began in 2021.  This article covers all the basics necessary for a cleaning business to begin offering Move-Out Cleaning Services.

7. How to Train Your Cleaners

Another incredibly common question we receive is related to training new-hires.  In fact, training is a huge part of Debbie’s Cleaning Business Fundamentals program.   It is not a topic easily covered in a single article, but this post does a great job of covering the high points.

8. Speed Cleaning Does Not Mean You Sacrifice Quality

This article explains why if you want to grow and scale your cleaning business, you must be efficient in actually delivering your cleaning services.  At the same time, Speed Cleaning is not the opposite of quality cleaning.

Free or Low Cost Marketing Methods For Any Size Cleaning Business

9. How Does Running a Maid Service Work?

As you know, there is much more to running a maid service than simply cleaning someone’s home.  This article provides an overview of the types of things you need to consider when you’re starting a cleaning business.

10. Free and Low Cost Marketing Tips For Your Cleaning Business

One of the most challenging aspects of growing a cleaning business is finding marketing opportunities that actually work, without wasting money on things that don’t work.   This articles provides 8 marketing tips designed for any size cleaning business.

Let’s Have a Happy New Year!

As we, once again, anxiously flip the calendar to 2022, let’s collectively do a virtual toast to next year being the best year ever!  And make sure to connect with Debbie and never miss a thing!  Join the mailing list and follow Debbie on your favorite social media site.


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