You might know that in addition to running my own successful cleaning company and consulting business, I’m also the founder of Cleaning For A Reason, a nonprofit that provides free house cleanings for women who are battling cancer. Working for a good cause can provide positive press exposure for your company, in addition to making you feel good about helping people.

When you align your brand with the idea of giving back to your community, you create a lot of positive brand awareness for your company. This cause marketing is a great way for you to get absolutely free publicity. With “Pinktober” on the horizon, I wanted to cover the benefits of participating in such a program so you can take advantage of the media frenzy that usually accompanies October’s focus on breast cancer.

The best way to help get your company exposure is through free publicity that comes from cause marketing. It doesn’t cost you anything and you are giving back to your community.

What are the benefits?

By giving back to your community, people will talk about your business and tell their friends and coworkers about your company. It’s an opportunity to differentiate your cleaning business from others in your area. When you participate in a non-profit like Cleaning For A Reason, you’re helping your local community and it’s a great way to stand out from the competition.

It’s also an incredible conversation opener— what a great talking point for your chamber of commerce meeting when you stand up to announce that you’re offering free house cleanings to women who are battling cancer!

When you join an organization like Cleaning For A Reason, you can piggyback on our organization’s statistics. We’ve served over 29,000 women and donated over $10M in free house cleaning services. Those dollar signs are attention grabbers for the media. Your local paper would love to interview you about your service, especially when you include those eye-popping statistics.

One of the rewards of giving back is creating lifelong relationships with the patients you help. You also get customers, but that’s not why you join—it’s a side benefit when some of the women go on to become paying customers.

So, a quick recap: the best way to help get your company exposure is through free publicity that comes from cause marketing. It doesn’t cost you anything and you are giving back to your community.

Tell the world

There’s just one thing— your participation in a cause like Cleaning For A Reason won’t translate into publicity unless you actually tell people about it! You will be the best kept secret in town if no one knows that you’re providing this free service. Start to spread the word that you’re giving free house cleanings to women who are fighting cancer. It’s a feel good story that people will love to pass along to their friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers.

  • Social media is a great place to start. Post on your local Facebook groups, LinkedIn, Nextdoor, Twitter, wherever you feel comfortable. Post a picture of your staff and announce that you are giving back to the community. Take the photo in front of your sign or branded cars for additional exposure!
  • Create an email campaign to notify your customers and prospects that you’re offering free house cleaning services to women with cancer. This creates top-of-mind awareness.
  • Ask people to spread the word with their friends and colleagues. You’re offering an incredible service, completely free, with no strings attached. People will be happy to pass that information along to anyone they know who might benefit.
  • Create a letter or flyer to drop off in every home that your team cleans mentioning your participation in the good cause.
  • Approach your local newspaper, television, or radio station. This is really effective, especially when you’re already buying advertising in those outlets. One of your pitches to them is that you are trying to get more cancer patients to give the free cleanings to and need to get the word out.

But don’t just tell people once. This is key. You’ve got to remind people that you’re giving this free service. Don’t make the mistake of posting once and then never posting again. Get on a schedule to post once a week or every couple of weeks. When you repost, don’t just say the same thing over and over— mix it up and provide a story or a detail about someone you helped. This is organic exposure that drives awareness for your cleaning company and will create unprecedented brand alignment with giving. Be consistent and you’ll create the buzz and exposure you are looking for.

So pick up the phone and make the effort. Send follow up emails. Keep trying. Don’t give up if you don’t hear back from media outlets. This will be easier in October when media outlets are looking for pink, cancer-themed stories. Being able to tell a unique story about your community is incredibly newsworthy to them, instead of running yet another piece about a Race For The Cure.

You can leverage any media coverage that you get by posting it on your Facebook page and linking to it in your emails. Use it a couple times a year; you don’t need to be freshly interviewed each time you post it. Remind people that you’re still here, still available, still helping your community. Give people a reason to talk about you and share what you do and how you do it.


This is just a sample of the kind of help I can offer in my Cleaning Business Fundamentals course.