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Ask Google “What is a business coach?” and you will get over 1 billion results.  It can seem as though there may be over a billion different kinds of business coaches, each with their own vision of what it means to be a business coach.  In this article, we’ll discuss Debbie Sardone’s approach to coaching and how it has helped make her “The Maid Coach” and America’s Top Cleaning Business Consultant.

At it’s core, a business coach works with a business owner to articulate their vision, set goals and provide guidance on how best to achieve those goals.

Ideally, your business coach is an expert in your field and they’ll be able to share their expertise to accurately evaluate your business and provide actionable advise and methodologies for improving your approach and your operation.  Their outside perspective often allows a business coach to see things in your business that you simply cannot because you are consumed with the daily minutiae of running your business.

A good business coach is equal parts consultant, teacher, mentor, motivator and objective evaluator.  The process is as much about personal growth as it is about business success.  Your business is an extension of you.  Business coaching can be an extremely introspective, life-changing experience for many business owners.

Most business owners seek out a business coach for one of two reasons:

  1. They are just starting out and are seeking a blueprint for success
  2. They have hit a growth ceiling and are struggling to break through it to take their business to the next level.

Either reason is valid and a good business coach can successfully address the needs of either group.

The biggest fallacy about business coaching is that it is a magic fix for your business.

“Just hire a coach and my business will be successful.”  The business coach can put a mirror up to your business and provide guidance for how to improve it, but they cannot do the work for you.  For a business coach to be successful, you must be receptive to what can sometimes feel like criticism.  You must be open to input and willing to do what it takes to change your approach and the direction of your business.  You must trust your business coach and invest entirely in the process in order to fully realize the benefits of your coaching.

Debbie Sardone’s Comprehensive Approach to Coaching Cleaning Business Owners

Debbie’s core coaching program, Cleaning Business Fundamentals, is a holistic approach to building a successful cleaning business.   The program includes process-specific training courses, live coaching, special events and on-going support and encouragement throughout.  Every aspect of the CBF program is designed to help you get into the mindset of a successful cleaning business owner and to be equipped with the tools to establish an efficient operation that is able to consistently reach and surpass your goals for the future.

Debbie began her residential cleaning business in 1982.  She spent the first eight years not only running the business but working in the field as a cleaner.  Debbie spent the majority of the next twenty years building her cleaning business as the managing owner.   Throughout this time, Debbie learned what worked…and what didn’t.  She was a voracious reader, educating herself about all things related to business and personal success.   She constantly adjusted, tweaked and reworked her approach to business.  Today, Buckets & Bows Maid Service is one of the largest independent cleaning companies in the US and Debbie has been able to transition into being a mostly absentee owner.  Her company is structured so that it can run without her and continue to grow.    

Over ten years ago, Debbie began to share her experiences and knowledge with other cleaning business owners.    Over time her approach continually evolved as she became known as America’s Top Cleaning Business Development Expert.  She has worked with over 350 cleaning business owners in the US and around the world.  Her CBF coaching and training program has become the gold standard for cleaning business owners looking for the rewards and freedom that come with owning a successful business.




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