Watching New Trends In 2009

Happy New Year to all my friends in the housecleaning industry! I hope you had a blessed Christmas and I pray you’ll have a prosperous New Year!

Trends to Watch in 2009
Be sure and keep your eye on the top trends this year. Everywhere you turn you’ll be hearing about one of these topics:The Economy
Green Cleaning & Pink Giving
Health Issues
Baby Boomers

GREEN is the color of responsible living and pink is the color of benevolence. Anything pink and anything green in your business will resonate deeply with consumers. So much so, they’ll switch services to do business with you because consumers like “socially responsible” companies!

The ECONOMY – What goes up must come down. Consumers are no longer trading up when making their purchase decisions, but rather trading down. Believe it or not, your service can accommodate in ways your competition will never think of! Try offering discounts for pre paying each month, and even bigger discounts for paying up front for a year! We’ve done this recently with a letter to our clients called “Everybody’s raising prices, so we’re LOWERING ours!” where we offered a discount to clients who pay up front for the year! Several took us up on it.
HEALTH – Thanks to the web and aging boomers, we know more than ever about our health, and consumers are very concerned about a healthy home and healthy living. Instead of marketing your “green cleaning” for the earth’s sake, market your “green company” for healthy living—”safe for pets and babies”! Health sells better than environmentally friendly when it comes to maid service.
BOOMERS Represent the biggest transition in history as these individualists are preparing for retirement, downsizing their homes and simplifying life in general. Keep your creative cap on and think of more services you can offer to the aging boomers. Don’t miss out on this huge population opportunity that has traditionally used maid services during their busy careers. You just have to think of new ways to solve their housekeeping problems.
Let 2009 be the best year ever for pricing jobs, winning sales, and keeping clients. Don’t let the economy get you down, watch the trends and market to the needs of consumers and you’ll have plenty of customers in 2009!
Debbie Sardone


  1. Love the marketing idea tied to the economy … we are going to try this one! Thanks Debbie.

  2. Debbie Sardone says:

    thank you! thanks for posting on my blog!

  3. Got Ya Covered Cleaning says:

    I like what I saw with the discounts which should help with getting business and als the ideas with green and pink. I can see that this is an site and blog that I’ll be at from time to time.

  4. Debbie Sardone says:

    Thank you! I’m glad you will be back often. Be sure and sign up for my FREE eTips on growing your cleaning business:

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