The Cruise Is Priceless

Being Part of the Club is Priceless

Renee O’brien and myself are so excited to invite you on this ladies only cruise! The power of getting entrepreneurial women together for great information, inspiration and a fantastic 4 night weekend cruise is going to be priceless.

So you have been emailing us like crazy wanting to know about all of the details:

The schedule
The ship and cruise route
The image makeover that is included for you
What benefits you will gain And most of all, the PRICE!

Well, we weren’t going to reveal the price until tomorrow when registration opens, but we made our final decision yesterday and we are going to reveal it to you today in this ten minute audio.

Click to hear details on the conference and the unbelievable price:

Get ready to register FIRST on Wednesday! Watch your email for the links to register!

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