Suffering From Wedding Brain

Wow, I feel like a new person! I’ve had “wedding brain” for three months and now that my daughter’s wedding is behind me I feel like a new person. It’s a lot of work to run three businesses and plan a wedding. But, it went off with very few hitches and I’m happy to say that all went as I had hoped it would. The wedding was so beautiful and if I told you what I spent on the wedding you would never, ever believe me! (it was that low). I teach a workshop on how to grow your business using barter by spending your trade and saving your cash. Well I practice what I preach and I bought a ton of this wedding on barter. From the gorgeous wedding cakes, the photobooth, fresh flowers, to the limousine service. I’ve been dubbed “the queen of barter” by my Trade Broker and I think the wedding proved that. Take a look at some of the photos and see what I got on barter!

Cakes and tuxedos on barter!

And floral center pieces and bouquets, and……
the photobooth, and the limousine!

I also got a professional photographer on barter. But I ran out of time and didn’t find the cellist on barter 🙁 (But he was good and well worth the price).

If you don’t barter, you’re missing out. Remember, a barter is a guaranteed sale.
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  1. Congrats to your daughter and to you for saving so much money!

  2. Debbie Sardone says:

    Thank you! It enabled us to give her a nicer wedding than we thought we could.

  3. Hi Debbie looks like your daughter had A beautiful wedding. She is lucky to have such a devoted and creative mother. Always look forward to your post on this blogg. Thanks for all you do.

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