How To Speed Up Your Teams And Trade Pennies For Dollars

Money into the Wind | Consultant| Business Consultant| Lewisville TXI talk to cleaning business owners every day in my consulting business.  The number one issue besides high employee turnover, is  production rates.  That is, the problem of house cleaners working too slow; taking too long on the job resulting in lost profits.  It’s hard to make a profit when your cleaning staff is inefficient.  Most of my clients report their average cleaning time on the house of 30% to 50% longer than the job should take.  They don’t even realize how slow their productivity is until we analyze what their production rates should be, and could be.  I am amazed at how much profit they are leaving on the table, and they are frustrated by their lack of profits.

There are many things  that are adversely affected when your cleaning staff is not efficient.  First of all, if your staff is slow you have to charge less by the hour to be competitive.  The companies with inefficient teams report customer fees of $10 to $20 per hour lower than their more professional competitors who have mastered the art of quality and efficiency.

Are you stepping over dollars to pick up pennies?  I ask this question all the time when people argue that they “can’t afford” to buy the Speed Cleaning Apron in order to  speed up their teams.   Actually, you can’t afford not too.   If your staff is cleaning without using the official Speed Cleaning Apron, you are leaving a small fortune on the table in terms of profitability through efficiency.

I have an entire program dedicated to training owners how to speed up their cleaning staff.  The focus is on efficiency–not hurrying.  Hurrying is bad for business and will result in sloppy work and breakage in the home.  If you try to rush your cleaners the outcome is disastrous.  But, teach your staff a systematic approach to cleaning a home, focusing on quality, consistency, and efficiency, and everyone wins.  The customer wins because the job will be done right every time instead of some of the time.  The staff wins because they can get in and out quicker without expending more energy, enabling them to earn pay raises and promotions.  And YOU win because efficiency equals higher production rates (charging more per hour) and lower payroll expenses (greater profits).Money| Cleaning Consultant| Lewisville TX

If you are focused on how much the apron costs, or how much a good training program costs (like my  Training Managers Bootcamp), then you are looking at your business backwards.   Good business tools are investments which should improves sales, profits, and customer satisfaction.  If you spent $10 or $20 on an apron for three employees how long would it take you to recoup that expense?  Here’s just a simple analysis:

Let’s say conservatively a team of three employees  wearing and using the Speed Cleaning Apron shaved just 10 minutes off every job as a result (this estimate is very low, usually 30 minutes or more is the time savings when used properly).

If that team cleans an average of six jobs per day, that’s an average of 60 minutes saved per day, five days a week.  You will have just saved yourself 5 hours of payroll per person per week!  If you pay $10 an hour your payroll savings that week for those three employees will be $150 before payroll tax contributions.  Multiply that by 52 weeks a year and your savings is:  $7800 in payroll a year for just one team of three!  If you have five teams of three, your savings would be $39,000 a year!  This estimate is very conservative considering most people report improved production times of 30 minutes or more.  So, before you say you can’t afford the aprons for your staff, or “my staff won’t wear them”.  ask yourself if you could use an extra $7800 per year per person.  Perhaps you could afford to give your staff a raise if they help you improve your bottom line!  And we haven’t even discussed the revenue you could add if every team had another hour (or more) available to work in an additional job.

Debbie Sardone, the nation’s leading home cleaning expert,  is a business consultant, author, and million dollar maid service owner as well as the founder of the national nonprofit Cleaning For A Reason.  Debbie is also the co-owner of The Clean Team.

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