Speed Cleaning For The Pros

My good friend Jeff Campbell and I just completed the cleaning industry’s first ever SPEED CLEANING FOR THE PROS Conference in Dallas, Texas. Maid Service owners from all over the country came to Texas to learn how they can speed up their teams, improve productivity, and increase net profits WITHOUT sacrificing quality and excellence. Let’s face it, employee training has been under emphasized in a lot maid services. And of the ones I’ve consulted with they’ve shared a deep frustration over pitiful profits. All too often there is no formalized training program in place. If you’ve got the “Marylou-can-you-take-the new-girl-today” type of “training” program going on in your business, you are probably ready to pull out your hair, throw in the towel (he he, no pun intended), or implement change—fast!

The Speed Cleaning For The Pros Conference was a huge success because maid service owners are looking for ways to improve their bottom line. In this economy you can’t waste payroll on inefficiency. You’ll never realize the profits you deserve if your cleaners are doing half the work in double the time.

Here’s what some of the event’s attendees had to say about our conference:

My cleaning business of 16 years was in a stalemate. I needed to grow it but had no idea what to do first! Attending the Speed Cleaning Conference made a world of difference for me. It gave me motivation to get my employees trained and motivated on how to perform virtually flawlessly! It will be so much faster now to get through these cleanings and make room for even more! Definitely worth my time and money to attend the Speed Cleaning for the Pros conference!
ET from Indiana

Ever since I have returned from Dallas, I have been so busy that I have not even gotten a chance to send a thank you card (sorry Debbie and Jeff – there coming!!). My company is completely changing the way it operates. Since we have implemented the new system, we have been getting compliments – not complaints!! Thank you so much. I highly recommend it – it is so helpful and so educational.
AB from Connecticut

I have been very busy since we returned putting everything together that we learned. i know it will take a little time because we learned so much. Penny & myself have not stopped since we returned not just because we learned so much, but also because both of you opened our eyes to a whole new world of cleaning. Thank you so very much.
RL from Maryland

What a wonderful conference! Just phenomenal! I came home BURSTING with new ideas. I just wish I had eight arms so I could implement everything at once! Everything I learned will definitely speed up my staff, increase my profits and make 2009 my best year ever! I wouldn’t have missed this event for the world, and it was so much fun. The info Debbie and Jeff gave us on the topic of estimating obviously just sank in while I was there and it came out naturally for me at the estimate. I had no problem closing the sale at the rate I wanted, it was easier than before I went to Texas! WOW, immediate improvements! Talk about instant return on investment! Thank you both!
RS from Canada

Here are five things you can do now to speed up your teams and improve profits right away:

1. Buy the book Speed Cleaning by Jeff Campbell: http://www.thecleanteamcatalog.com/
2. Purchase the aprons described in the book and require that the book, the speed cleaning system, and the aprons become a part of your company’s training.
3. Make training a 5 day program, with specific details about what should be covered each and every day. Do not cut training short just because you are short-handed
4. Create a 5-day check list of everything that needs to be covered during the week (like how to greet the customer, how to handle pets, cell phone use, what to do if you break something, where to start in the house, what products are used and how each product functions, etc.) Check the list items off as they are covered to insure everything important to you is covered in training.
5. Create a daily “pass or fail” sheet for the trainee that helps the Training Manager measure intangibles like: punctuality, attitude, appearance, speed, quality

If you’d like even more help with your cleaning business training program you’ll find a wealth of business changing information in the DVDs from our Speed Cleaning For The Pros Conference. They are on sale now for a special pre-release price!


FOR MORE INFORMATION: www.themaidcoach.com/speed

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