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Smart Women Maid Rich Club Still Accepting Applications – ONLY 13 SPOTS LEFT!

Only 13 spots left. Is this going to be your year to really make huge changes? Will you be running your business next year while you flit off for a 3 week vacation? When I ran my cleaning business I used to take 6-12 weeks of vacation a year, and revealing the tools that I used to do so is just one of the benefits of being a club member.

I have heard about the cruise, will you be doing another one?

In May of 2010 Renee O’Brien and myself hosted the first ever Smart Women Maid Rich cruise and professional conference, and it was phenomenal ! Since then people have wanted to know when will there be another Smart Women Maid Rich cruise and conference, and until recently we were unsure …but it is official that there will be another cruise and club members have first dibs. Not only will they have a guaranteed spot, but also for club members who are cruise alumni (those that went last year) they will get registration for the next cruise absolutely FREE, and those that did not get to attend last year will get registration for the conference at half price (of course cruise and travel fees will still apply, but WOW what a savings). Holy Smokes!

What do I get for joining?

To get the complete list go to , but here are a few.

Two monthly amazing interactive sessions per month for a whole year $2500 value

Free Smart Women Maid Rich Professional Skills Conference 10-session DVD set valued at $597

Complete set of Coffee Talk Audio series $297 value

Discount and/or FREE registration for the next cruise $500ish value

Official Smart Women Maid Rich Club card entitling you to some special industry discounts

Is it a Good Value?

Absolutely! It is the best value around. I can’t believe that we were able to offer you well over $4000 in value for a fraction of that price. The DVD series alone is half of the cost of the course. And, if you just pick up one idea that brings you JUST ONE new recurring customer you will make back more than the value of the club for the whole year.

What is the price and do you have payment plan options?

There are many payment options. Please go to¬† for more information. And, a quick hint that there is one payment option that was revealed only in the “Double Your Business Formula” sneak peek call so go listen to the end to read about monthly payments here: Double Your Business Formula.

Who can join? I heard that you are limiting membership to one business per state?

Any woman owner (or manager) of a cleaning business can join. Because we want this to be a close nit club that we have time to be thinking about each and every member we need to limit the size, and so we are only accepting businesses one per state. If you go to apply and the website says that your state is taken, please go ahead and continue to apply since we have a waiting list and our goal is to limit the size, but there may be some situations where exceptions can be made. We have only 13 spots left!

Are you still accepting applications but not for much longer for the Smart Women Maid Rich Club! The first official meeting is Wednesday March16th 4:00 pm Central / 5:00 pm Eastern. You must be a club member to attend. Here is what you need to know.

To sign up go to

To listen to the sneak peak call “Double Your Business Formula” be sure you listen all the way to the end!

Sign up today!!


BONUS ADDED: Next Level Think Tank

I am adding another bonus to the Smart Women Maid Rich Club. For those looking for “next level” strategies I will be offering at least 4 special 2 hour clinics for club members on topics like “Franchising Game Plan”, “Managing Your Managers and Developing Leaders”, “Adding on New Profit Centers”, “Accumulating Money for Your Next Big Venture”, and “Extracting Maximum Profit from Your Sales”.

To sign up go to

Don’t be left out!

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