Secret To Customer Loyalty

Today we’re talking about the SECRET to customer loyalty.

The secret to customer loyalty lies in putting the interests of the customer ahead of your own.

Customer loyalty is the key to profitability.  The math is simple.  It costs more to acquire a new customer than to keep a current one.  A maid service will spend between $150 to $300 to attract one REPEAT customer.  So, here are 5 secrets to customer loyalty:

Have a sales philosophy that emphasizes relationship building – Don’t focus on what you DON’T do.  Stop worrying so much about the customer taking advantage of you.  I don’t mean give away the farm or continually providing extras without charging.   But, let’s not focus on what we DON’T do, and find a way to say “YES” more often.  Windows?  YES—even if you have to sub it out, or refer it out.  Isn’t that better than “no we don’t”?  Ovens?  Fridge cleaning?  Why not?—for an extra charge that is!

Strong relationships are built when you are able to say YES more often than NO.

A philosophy that emphasizes relationships means you’ll send cards on occasion.  Or Periodically send a gift (we sent cookie tins out to our VIP customers just before Christmas).  Also you’ll think of ways you can make your customer’s life better—not necessarily things you will charge for .  How can you make that relationship with the client INDESPENSIBLE?  We had a customer that needed a Chimney Sweep service.  It’s not something we do, but we offered to find her one, at no charge.  She was so grateful, we helped her in a time of need.

Become the undeniable EXPERT to your customers, prospects, and community.  Promote that expertise.  Offer advice to news media, write articles for magazines, volunteer for the “Ask the Expert” column—or start one!  Teach a class of Speed Cleaning.

The secret to customer loyalty IS becoming the undeniable EXPERT.

Help your customers build their own business. – Refer them!  Mention them in your newsletters, cross promote, endorse, recommend.  This goes a long way with customers.  They’ll think twice about dropping you if you’ve sent them business or contacts.  HELP your customers succeed it means a lot to them.

Value the relationship more than making a sale.   This is not lip service.  It is a philosophy of your business.  Think long-term friendships, not end-of-month sales.  It may seem odd, but over the years, some customers become FRIENDS.  You were there when they had their first child, when they had surgery, when their son graduated, they got divorced, the death of a spouse, cancer.  Don’t just see your customers as a life-long paycheck.  See them now as the life-long relationship you want to have with them.  Don’t be a stranger, a “company”.  Be a person they know, like and trust and they will KEEP buying from you.  Start early—nurture the relationship.

And here’s an amazing tool for surveying customers that actually doesn’t get ignored:

Customer thermometer | Lewisville TX


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