How to retain your staff: Be thankful for your hard workers

Thanksgiving is here, and one thing you might have overlooked in your daily gratitude journal is to be thankful for your hard-working staff. Actually, it’s one of the best ways to retain great workers—to let them know that you value them.

You fought hard to get them hired and trained, and the last thing you want is for employees to leave your company after a few months. Staff turnover is one of the biggest problems that cleaning business owners face, and being thankful for them is one of many steps you can take to retaining them.

Here are some other keys to retaining your best employees:

Make sure that your team feels recognized and appreciated. Let them know if you think they’re doing a great job or if a client called in with a compliment. Simply passing along good feedback when you hear from customers can provide a boost to a worker’s day.

Talk to your team. Ask for feedback on what’s working well and what you can do better. Have a
one-on-one discussion at least once a quarter, and fix the things they bring up that aren’t working well. The important thing is to make sure that they know that they are heard and you value their opinion.

You can also pay above minimum wage. When you find an employee that you like, pay them above what your local competitors are paying. Money can’t buy happiness but it definitely can be an effective way to show your appreciation for a worker’s efforts.

Another way to recognize your staff is to give them the tools, time, and training that they need. There is nothing worse than sending them into the field without their having a clear understanding of how to do their job. If you haven’t already implemented a training program, I highly recommend the Speed Cleaning For The Pros program (also available in Spanish). It’s hands down the best training program in the business.

Set clear expectations for them. Happy employees know exactly what is expected of them every day at work. They know what to do and what success looks like. Create a clear path to success with instructions and regular staff development. People tend to live up to the expectations you set.

Emphasize the value of the work they do. Encourage your employees to experience the personal and emotional rewards that come from helping others. People want to feel like they are making a difference in the world. It’s not just cleaning toilets, it’s providing a clean and healthy environment for busy families to come home to. Your team’s work is an essential part of the community, so let them know it’s valued.

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