Here’s my prediction for this year: 2019 will be the absolute best year yet for you to multiply the income and earning potential of your cleaning business. There has never before been a more abundant and opportunity-filled environment for anyone with the drive to succeed. It has never been easier and faster, with the biggest financial rewards possible, than this year.

There’s one huge asterisk beside this prediction. 2019 will be about the same as 2018 unless you do something radically different, something that breaks the predictable routine that you’ve done year after year. I’m here to interrupt your pattern, to get you out of your comfort zone and help you to grow your cleaning business. But if you’re stuck and don’t have the energy or will to make a change, then your 2019 will be about average, I’d guess.

It’s time for you to do something different and make a decision to take action. If you ask anyone who has achieved great success in life, there has always been a turning point at which they made a clear decision that from that moment on their life would never be the same. They drew a line in the sand and said “I’m not going back to how things were.”

What you’ve accomplished so far with your cleaning business is only a fraction of what is truly possible. Your true potential is waiting to be tapped and used. You are far more powerful and capable and gifted than your current business results indicate. Now is the time to step up and step into your full capabilities. You need to muster the courage to declare that 2019 is your turning point.

Ok, so now what? Well, you don’t have to do this alone. In fact, I don’t suggest that you try to do it alone. We are going to be in this together. I will help you along the way all year long and act as the guiding force to help you maximize your cleaning business.

Are you ready to get started? I have a few events coming up that are absolutely essential to kicking off this year right. We’ll cover how to train your employees in a one-day session in San Diego next month, and then an amazing three-day session in Dallas in March will give you the sales, marketing, and branding keys to success. Check out my events page for more details.

I look forward to helping you create a freedom-based cleaning business that allows you to focus on what you want to do while your business accelerates with tips from my decades in the business. Make this a resolution you don’t break! And Happy New Year!

Another option for your business is to sign up for my Cleaning Business Fundamentals Course. This course gives you the best information about training, strategy, and weekly answers to your burning questions.


Debbie Sardone
Debbie Sardone

Known as The Maid Coach, Debbie Sardone is America’s top cleaning business consultant. Debbie helps owners of residential cleaning companies build a 7-figure dream business, with a 6-figure income and the freedom in their lives that they deserve.