If you like Twitter, you will LOVE Periscope! Watch me LIVE broadcasting tips for your business, OR awesome home cleaning Tips, Speed Cleaning and Green Cleaning Tips and of course nonprofit announcements!

Here’s why it’s so cool:

  1. You will be notified whenever I’m live streaming
  2. Since I’m streaming live you can ask me questions IN REAL TIME (so cool)
  3. This is free–so learn, and enjoy!
  4. It’s just FUN (I love it more than Pinterest)
  5. IT’S EASY:

1. Download the Periscope app to any smart phone (sorry, it’s not for computers).

2. If you have a Twitter account, login first as that will be connected to Periscope

3. Search me and follow me @debbiesardone

Anytime I’m broadcasting LIVE on Periscope, if you follow me you’ll always get a notification that I am broadcasting live.  You can decide to click and watch my live broadcast or you can decide to wait and watch later within 24 hours (broadcasts automatically delete within 24 hours).

Get tips, get acquainted, and DISCOVER and grow your business: