Modern Bride Magazine Mentions My Consulting!

Wow, I’ve been way too busy because I didn’t realize I’d let so much time lapse between blogs! I’ve got to turn over a new leaf and keep my blogging promises and get back to blogging at least monthly, but ideally more often.

I am really excited about the mention I received in Modern Bridge April / May 2009 edition that just came out. As a business consultant, nothing can be better than free, national exposure! And to top it off, the concept of MAID SERVICE gift cards was mentioned in the article as well. Let me back up a little and bring you up to speed. I have a workshop I offer called “Barter Is A Guaranteed Sale” and another workshop called “How To Get Free Publicity”. Modern Bride Magazine just helped elevate both of those concepts for me when they published an article entitled “Have It All But Spend Less!” by Elizabeth Larsen. Elizabeth is on the staff of Modern Bride and found my business blogs about barter. She interviewed me and the recent article is the result of that interview. Pretty sweet!

In my business workshops to maid service owners I teach residential cleaning businesses how to use barter to get business and personal services you might not otherwise be able to afford, especiall marketing. My concept of spend your trade and save your cash is the basis for my workshops on business bartering. I got to practice what I preach last summer when my daughter Amy got married. I blogged about using my maid service gift cards and services to barter for limousine service, flowers, the cake, a photobooth, and the photographer. The writer for Modern Bride picked up my blog and interviewed me for the article she was writing. That’s amazing, free, national publicity from one article! Whew-hooo!

Now, you don’t have to be a business coach to benefit from free publicity. You just have to be on the look out for every opportunity you can create to get you name, your brand, and your service out into the public and especially the internet. You can do this for your maid service the same way I have for my maid service and my maid service consulting business.

If you’d like to learn more about how to create free publicity and how to barter your services, you can can check out my audio CDs and start saving money like crazy, and generating free publicity for your company. Learn More……

To read the full article on barter click here: Modern Bride Barter Article
my mention is on the last page, last column.

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