Invest in yourself and make this year count

2018 is going to be a blockbuster year for business. Consumer confidence continues to climb and the stock market is shooting up. Are you ready to invest in what it takes to take advantage of this? You need to plan on adding staff for the year and increasing your marketing because you’re going to benefit from the business growth and consumer confidence. Don’t just wake up in panic mode in the middle of spring when business is picking up like crazy.

There will be a little bit of a lull in January because people spend a lot during the holidays. Use this time wisely and invest in yourself and your business. You will need to onboard more staff because business is going to boom once you increase your marketing. Then you need to get them trained so they can start working efficiently.

The best thing you can do for your business is to join us on January 26 and 27 in Dallas for the Speed Cleaning for the Pros conference. It’s held on a Friday and Saturday, which are quieter days for your business. Are you worried about the cost? Think about how many thousands of dollars you are wasting on payroll costs because of the poor productivity of your staff. In addition to a two-day intensive learning experience, you’ll walk away with an updated Speed Cleaning DVD that you can take back for the rest of your team to view and a copy of the Speed Cleaning for the Pros book, which is the best employee training manual, hands down. It gives you the concepts of being a professional cleaner, along with the 13 rules of speed cleaning.

This might be the only speed cleaning conference in 2018 – I’m not entirely sure that I’m doing a session in the summer. So don’t miss out!

Can’t make that date? Get the tools and information on DVD or buy the DVDs from the original Speed Cleaning For The Pros Conference nine years ago.

Another option for your business is to sign up for my Cleaning Business Fundamentals Course. This 16 week course gives you the best information about training, strategy, and weekly answers to your burning questions. For a free 30 minute consultation to discuss whether my course is a good fit for you, simply fill out my owner’s survey and I’ll be in touch to set up a time to talk.

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