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In January of 2022, it was reported that there were close to 1500 residential cleaning services in the US, an increase of nearly 30% since 2012.  With a market size exceeding $1.2B, there are certainly opportunities to grow a successful cleaning service.  However, it is never a guarantee.  According to the Small Business Administration (SBS), only about half of all small businesses reach the 5-year mark.  Ask just about any residential cleaning business owner and you’re learn that those first 5 year can be extremely challenging as the learning curve can be quite steep.

In fact, almost every business owner feels like they could use some help at one time or another. No matter how motivated and determined we are, there is always the potential to do better and make our businesses more successful.

Within the residential cleaning industry, one of the best things you can do is receive guidance from someone who’s already been successful with their own cleaning business.

What if there was a cleaning business owner, with 30+ years of experience, who could provide comprehensive coaching and consulting to other business owners to help them navigate the challenges of growing a cleaning business?  Oh, wait.  Have you met Debbie Sardone?

What Do Business Coaches Do?

When people first hear the term ‘business coach,’ they normally have their own perception of what this is. But what does a business coach do?

Business coaches help guide other business owners through their growth to becoming successful entrepreneurs. So if you are a cleaning business owner, a business coach will help you get clear on your vision and how it aligns with your personal business goals.

While this may sound like a simple task, there is a lot more to it.

For a start, not everyone makes a great business coach. It takes a certain type of person who has overcome a lot of entrepreneurial struggles and created their own successful business.

Also, they should be highly skilled in helping you find your business obstacles and helping you remove them. Most highly skilled business coaches have years of experience in coaching other business owners just like you.

A business coach will take a personalized approach and look at your business situation individually and offer you advice, guidance, motivation and feedback.

This personalized approach is what helps business owners to overcome challenges, create more profit, and consistently scale their business.

Benefits of a Business Coach

An effective business coach will show you how to set goals and reach them, while providing strategies for navigating challenges that arise.

A Business Coach Helps You See Your Blind Spots

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges of running a business in the cleaning industry is that business owners don’t always know their blind spots or weaknesses. Blind spots slow down business growth and prevent business owners from reaching their full potential.

Business coaches are highly adept at seeing the blind spots that you may not even be aware of. They will uncover your blind spots for you and offer you practical and effective advice that will help you address the weak points in your business.

This will not only stop you from making the same mistakes again and again, but also accelerate your business growth.

Goal Setting

One of the best ways to accomplish your goals faster is to get clear about what your business goals are. Business coaches will help you structure your goals properly and create clear steps to accomplishing them.

Proper goal-setting can cut years off your business’s growth. So if you would like to hit your cleaning business goals quicker, then you need good goal setting.

You Can Increase Your Profits

Addressing your weaknesses allows you to set and reach your business goals, with the end result being increased revenue and improved profitability. An effective business coach knows what works and what doesn’t when it comes to the cleaning industry to help get your business in the best position to scale and become more profitable.

If you aren’t making the money you want, a business coach could very well be the missing piece to increasing your profits.


One of the best things about business coaches is that they provide you with accountability. With a business coach, you will have someone who directly holds you accountable for your business goals.

This helps you to stay focused on seeing your goals through and not giving up on them. A good business coach provides you with effective guidance to keep you focused on the aspects of your business that really make a difference in your efforts to grow.

Increase Your Confidence and Motivation

As cleaning business owners face new challenges like rejection and slow growth, it’s easy for their confidence to be shaken from time to time. This can make entrepreneurs feel like they may never reach their goals.

However, a business coach is there to increase your confidence and remind you that you are more than capable of running a successful business. No matter what kind of obstacles you face, having a business coach who believes in you will give you the motivation and confidence you need to keep going.

Where to Find a Business Coach?

Thankfully, since you are reading this, so you already have, but let’s review some aspects to consider when choosing the right business coach for your cleaning company.

When hiring a business coach, you should look for one that has a plethora of experience, an excellent track record, and a great reputation.  Look for a business coach with an established methodology or curriculum where you can clearly envision how the process works and how you can benefit from it.


Are You Ready for a Business Coach?

Growing a cleaning business can be challenging, especially with all of the obstacles you have to face. However, having a business coach to guide you through your growth can help you to scale your business faster.

We invite you to explore Debbie Sardone Consulting.  Learn about Cleaning Business Fundamentals, Debbie Sardone’s signature business coaching program.  Meet the coaches you will get to work with as you learn what it takes to create A 7 figure cleaning business with the INCOME And FREEDOM you deserve!

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