Debbie’s Big Secret To Be Revealed Soon!

Debbie’s BIG SECRET Contest
I am soooooo excited about THE BIG SECRET that I told some of my friends about on my call Monday.
I am going to start off small with a contest for the first person to guess the entire secret of “Who, What, Where, and When” for THE BIG SECRET. Over the next few days you will receive Clues and the first person to guess “Who, What, Where, and When” accurately will win a check for $100.00. .. And, that is just for starters.
After the person with the winning guess is released you will remain on the Preferred Notice List so that you have a chance at over $1895 in free items and early bird notice of discounts. All I can say right now is that the BIG SECRET is really big, and expected to SELL OUT so to speak. No purchase is necessary to make guesses, of course. So, watch your email over the next 7 days for some real excitement!!!!! Click HERE for your first clue Video or copy paste this url into your browser: Enter your guesses of “Who, What, Where, and When” for the BIG SECRET and you can make one guess a day over the next few days. Contest ends Monday, 9/28/09 at 7:00 am EST or when the first person guesses the correct answer.
Stayed tuned for more!
More soon!

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