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The cleaning conference was a huge success. I’ve been wanting to update everyone about Cleaning For A Reason and the success of the ISSA Convention. We reached some very exciting milestones this year and passed some tipping points. First, the MOST exciting news all year, is Cleaning For A Reason tipped the scales on over 1 million dollars in donated house cleanings to women with cancer! So far, our generous Cleaning Partners have helped over 4,000 women with cancer get their homes cleaned for free. I salute our giving Partners that are helping women everywhere. They deserve your support, so please only consider using a maid service that is Cleaning For A Reason! We grant a free cleaning every 90 minutes to a women battling cancer. This is only possible because of the generous maid services that are a part of this great program.

The next milestone, or tipping point was the ISSA show this year in Orlando, Florida. We hosted a Cleaning For A Reason Appreciation Reception at the Double Tree Hotel for nearly 100 Partners and guests. The evening was spectacular. We heard heart-warming stories from 5 prominent C4R Partners: Teresa Ward, Shirley Perlinsky, Lanette Richmond, Liz Trotter, and JoAnn Dipierro. Several sponsors donated great prizes and folks left with free vacuums, books, business training materials and products! Our GENEROUS sponsors made the entire evening spectacular and free to all attendees. Thank you to Jean Hanson of, Debbie Richter of RF Monolithics, and Mike Julo of Direct Mops also provided a $25 Gift Certificate to every guest!

Lastly, and this is really exciting, the ISSA show was a tipping point on the tradeshow floor. Out-going ISSA President, Bob Stahurski accepted our offer to join the Cleaning For A Reason Board of Directors. He will be added to our Board in December. Bob was so impressed with Cleaning For A Reason, that he brought incoming ISSA President, David Holzman over to meet us. David was immediately enthusiastic and wore the “Ask Me” pin on his lapel all day. He also had it on the next day while introducing the keynote speaker, Prime Minister Tony Blair. David shared the Cleaning For A Reason story with Tony Blair at the executive breakfast that morning and presented him with the “Ask Me About Cleaning For A Reason” pin as well as a black C4R logo shirt! David Holzman and Bob Stahurski are two powerful, well-respected men in our industry and they are very excited about Cleaning For A Reason!

We made great contacts at the ISSA Show this year, and now we are working feverishly on our upcoming MAID SERVICE Best Practices Conference, which is January 21, 22, 2011. If you haven’t registered for this amazing event, you don’t want to be left out. We think it will be largest event of this kind in the history of the residential cleaning industry. We’ve lined up top speakers, maid service specific topics, lots of surprises, and tons of value and benefit! Don’t miss out, the early registration is extremely low cost:

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