What if you were hit by a bus?  Would your business cease to exists?  Would you still be bringing in revenues and profits.

Here are some things to consider:

  1. If you are still cleaning, you own a JOB not a business.
  2. If go on vacation do you spent most of the time SOLVING problems for your staff?
  3. Can you take a day off without your phone blowing up?
  4.  If you are no longer cleaning, would sales, quality, hiring, and training happen in your absence?

If you hope to go from being the Technician to The Owner – you have to get out of the filed.  There are 7 Major Areas of your business that MUST work for you to get out of the field and succeed.

  1. You have to be able to find and keep great employees
  2. You need an effective Training and On-boarding process for new staff
  3. You must automat marketing – so that you have a continual flow of new, qualified customers
  4. You have to have a Top Producing SALES process – Proven PROCESS to CONVERT your LEADS and RETAIN those converted leads as RECURRING customers
  5. You’ll have to have a proven Quality Assurance program
  6. For quality of life and scaleability, you must have Systems & Processes that admin staff can follow


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