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“Debbie:  Thank you.   Your marketing product is going to save my business.   I thought I was going to have to throw in the towel…The light bulb went on….I am wanting to do foreclosure cleaning,,,I own my own business!  Wednesday I am starting to contact real estate agencies Had not remembered to use your marketing about the $500 gift baskets. There is the cash flow issue solved,,,Yeah. From despair to uplifted in one moment.  Relieved and smiling again. A huge weight lifted.  Thanks”,  Tina

“I cut my teeth on your boot camp in Orlando in–listened to it after the convention in the car everywhere I went! My daughters know the CD’s by heart!”  Nancy, Texas

“Debbie, thanks for the encouragement. I put up a paper up for this week: “3 new repeat clients. Largest deposit to date – – tripled my weekly revenue in 7 weeks.” That does make me feel better.”  Jenny, Florida

Almost seven years ago I called you out of the blue to ask a basic operations question.  You became a mentor to me and I was always very appreciative of the great advice you gave me.  Do you remember challenging me to ask for more than $200 for an initial clean? I just couldn’t imagine doing that; I believe you suggested that I ‘had not because I asked not’ (I bet that sounds familiar)!   I took your advice and called you back 40 minutes later having booked a $400 clean! “ Frank, Florida

“You are the most incredible consultant and I mean that seriously! You’re the best out there.” Cathy

“Since opening a second location, within less than 6 months of operating, we’ll reach monthly revenues of $20,000 for September. More significantly, we are paying staff by the job now (vs. hourly) and are pricing much higher here.  So we’re actually earning as much profit here as we are in our other location. [you] have given me the opportunity to do things the best way, the right way, from the start.”  Carol, Canada

“Debbie, let me start by saying that the information you share is INVALUABE!  There is no one else out there like you who is willing to help…not even a Franchise!!!!!  I cannot even express how much you’ve helped me since I’ve left the your seminar.  You have saved my business…truly!  I was ready to sell before coming to your seminar.  You gave me the inner-strength to believe that I CAN do it!  This business beats you up on a daily basis so to see your energy and positive attitude is really refreshing!” Carrie, Florida

” I went from “grade 1 ” to “college” as a direct result of listening to your tapes. But the trick is that I listened over and over again for months. I literally ate, slept and drank your tapes. And I’m just talking the stuff you had on the internet.”  Cathy

“We are now nearly the one year anniversary of our relationship with Debbie.  We now average 26 houses a day and 3 large commercial accounts, a 60% increase in revenue in one year.  Even more exciting we have only added 20% to our staff.  Debbie helped us find ways to make our teams more efficient.  This let us raise our pay to our employees and keep the same profit margins.  Our average tenure is now 18 months and increasing.  The decreased turn over has increased customer satisfaction and now I do not constantly seem to be training.”  Derek, OH  (note: this business is now grossing nearly $2M a year)

“Boy you are creating a wonderful stir among my girls around the country.  Your training has been so very well received and we are excited to begin promoting you.”  Dawn Billings, Heartlink Network

“Debbie, I would love to talk to you…your resume is stellar…. You’re the Bill Gates of maid service!”  Mark

“……..my company is only 10 months older than their company but I feel I am so much farther ahead!  I see what I might have become, without your help.  Spending two years cleaning homes, under-pricing homes and truly having almost nothing to sell.  As you know…I think you are THE BEST!” Jamie, NC

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