Improving your employee recruitment process

Thanks for attending the recruiting webinar with Debbie Sardone and Shawn Day. Below we have three recruiting opportunities for you — from do-it-yourself to full service automation.

Option #1: DIY recruiting – Use our checklist to check your recruiting process

With 20 years of experience running our own maid service businesses, we have honed our employee recruiting methods. We’ve boiled it down to an 11-page guide. This did not come easily, and we are sharing it with you for free.

Option #2: Automate your recruiting – LIMITED TIME OFFER

If you want to plug into the same recruiting system that Debbie Sardone herself uses for her cleaning business – one that has brought her more new employees than ever before – take advantage of our 72-hour sale just for you.

Our All-In and Seasonal recruiting packages are engineered to get you high quality candidates. The system includes tailored recruiting ads, screener questions, to interview scheduling, scoring and onboarding.

Option #3: Walk through the automated system on a one-on-one virtual meeting with Shawn Day

Want to get a one-on-one tour of our automated system and see how it can work for you? Want to ask specific questions about your business that you wouldn’t ask during a webinar (with all the other attendees watching)? 

If yes, click below to schedule a one-on-one meeting with Shawn. You can book a time slot directly on his calendar. Just indicate that it’s a “Sardone one-on-one.”

This is also a limited time opportunity. Shawn can’t always schedule a one-on-one overview, so this is a rare chance to connect.