Another clue, another Chance to Win

I’m a little late posting my clue, because I’m in Hiltonhead, NC having a “girls weekend” with my sister and childhood friends! I was unable to find wi fi anywhere til now!!! So, here it is:

Clue #4

No second place winner yet…Although you are getting very close. Yes, Key West is PART of the destination.

So let’s recap:

Who: Renee O’Brien and Debbie Sardone

What: Hosting a Fun, Powerful and Strategic Conference for Women in the Cleaning Industry (Owners, Spouses, Managers, Administrators and Executives)
When: Thursday, May 13 – 17, 2010 (yes! we did we let that exact date slip out!)

Where: Key West AND ?????

So here are your the three Saturday clues, I know you can guess it from these!

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