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Serial entrepreneur, nonprofit founder, cleaning products manufacturer and  global cleaning business consultant. Debbie Sardone has launched five successful businesses including the national nonprofit Cleaning For A Reason.  In demand as a popular speaker, author, and service business consultant, Debbie helps cash-strapped people start and grow their business, over come common obstacles, and create legendary service, while enjoying their entrepreneurial journey.  Her expert advice is specific and relevant no matter what stage of business you’re in.  Her energy and enthusiasm is infectious!


The Power Of Mindset,The Go-Giver Success Formula, Simplify, Succeed, Repeat

A keynote should motive you to act, inspire you to do more, and hold your attention from start to finish.   Every speaker has their own style, here’s a little bit about mine:

You won’t be bored.

1. I don’t just talk about me. Even though I give lots of personal examples of triumph and failure, I talk about you and what you can do and achieve with this great life we have been given.

2. I understand how people learn: It’s important to provide visuals, examples, stories, and laughter.

3. I don’t sell from the stage. A lot of people who speak for a living use their keynote to SELL That’s not my style. I deliver solid content, based on my own proven examples, inspiration, as well as life and business principles. I love to deliver content you can use now with specific points for application.

4. Because I’ve been in business for myself over 30 years, employing and managing hundreds of people, coming through failures and successes, I have lots of first-hand experience and tons of personal stories that are funny, interesting, and touching.

5. No holds back. That’s my philosophy when speaking and consulting. You always get my best. With every one-hour speech I give, there’s been five to six hours of preparation time. I can speak without notes for inspirational keynotes or with Power Point tools for the more technical style workshop.

Here are a few topics I speak on:

The Best Fit

  • Any event that wants to change people’s lives.
  • Industry Conferences focused on personal development and inspiration.
  • Business Leaders and Executives who want to inspire and motive their sales team and support staff.
  • Women’s Groups with an emphasis on personal growth and change.
  • Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs who want a business that is free from chaos, and can run smoothly without them.
  • Association members who need marketing and operations expertise.
  • HR professionals looking for new ways to motivate and inspire employees.
  • Corporate clients who hold sales meetings, marketing meetings, management meetings and leadership development meetings.

Keynote Topics

  • Leadership
  • Confidence
  • Courage
  • Vision
  • Purpose
  • Mindset
  • Want to book me for your event? I love speaking to groups of all sizes and demographic make up.

Debbie’s most popular Business Keynote topics:

  • Creating A Business That Runs Without You
  • Real Leaders Serve The Coffee
  • Winners & Losers: The Big Difference
  • Business With Purpose
  • Beat Yesterday and Grow
  • The Straight Line
  • Love What You Do
  • Creating “Irresistible”

Debbie’s most popular Business workshop topics

  • How To Make A Million Dollars Cleaning Houses
  • BARTERNOMICS: Growing Your Business Without Cash
  • How To Get Free Publicity
  • 10 Ways To Market Your Business For Free
  • Should You Start Your Own Nonprofit

Debbie’s most popular Woman’s topics

  • Stop Waiting, Just Do It!
  • The Death of Perfection
  • Work, Grow, Love – Thriving In An Entrepreneur Marriage
  • The Sassy, Sensational Leader Within
  • Business With A Purpose
  • Do What Matters Most
  • Driven!
  • Speed Cleaning – How To Clean A Home in Half the Time!