7 Easy Things To Do To Avoid The Flu

Women with a cold | Lewisville TX

  1. Avoid the germiest places – first know where germs and bacteria love to hide and thrive so you can minimize contact when possible.  Some places people don’t even think of are the worst offenders.  The bottom of most women’s purses are covered with germs and bacteria.  Think of the last time you used a public restroom that didn’t have a hook on the back of the door.  Where did you set your purse?  Probably on the floor.   Then, hours later we set that purse on the kitchen table.  Yuk.  Another germy place to remember is the handles of the grocery store cart.   And what about the buttons on the ATM machine.  One study found over some machines had over 1,200 germs per button.  And of course everyone’s trying to work out more after the holidays, but those Health Club machines are germ factories.  Mats, cardio equipment, the handle bars, are covered in other people’s cough’s, sneezes, and the like.  When you have to encounter these places, and we all do, be sure you carry sani-wipes with you, and hand sanitizer,  or better yet, wash your hands thoroughly with warm soapy water before touching your eye, nose, or mouth.
  2. Establish regular cleaning routines – This one is my favorite, and the reason most people hire a professional cleaning service.  Regularly cleaning the kitchen counter tops and bathrooms is the best way to avoid the spread of germs when someone has been sick.  Keeping a clean house is not only healthy, it’s an emotional boost as well.  A regular cleaning routine will create a healthier home all year long, not just during flu season.
  3. Work from home when possible – workplaces are germ incubators during flu season.  Co-workers pass the flu around like a plate of appetizers.  When possible, work from home.  It’s a great reason to approach a boss that’s been on the fence about teleworking.   You’ll be more productive and might avoid missing a week of work when co-workers share their germs.
  4. Wash hands more frequently, carry hand sanitizer when you can’t.  Even if you haven’t been to the grocery store or the health club, we touch an average of 300 surfaces every 30 minutes.  Keep a clean, unused tooth brush at the kitchen sink and scrub up under your nails.
  5. Avoid dehydration.   Drink more fluids, your body needs the extra hydration to help you fight infection.  Dehydration weakens your immunity.
  6. Get a flu shot. Nuff said.
  7. Keep cold / flu remedies on hand, use those zinc lozenges at the first sign of illness, they have been proven to reduce severity and even short the illness.


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