To survive and thrive in this century, you’ve got to keep reinventing yourself. You need to continually do things that you’ve never done before, that you weren’t educated to do, that you haven’t been trained to do yet. So what are the five keys to reinventing yourself?

5 Steps to Reinvent Yourself

Leverage your strengths

You have unique talents and abilities, things that you do that most people cannot do or can’t do as well as you do them. These are things that you do so easily and joyfully that you hardly realize how valuable or powerful that ability is. What’s most important as you continually reinvent yourself is your ability to identify what your special strength is.

Identify your passion

Look deep inside yourself and ask yourself: what do you enjoy doing? What feels like “play” to you instead of “work”? What do you do when you don’t absolutely have to do something but you do it anyway because you enjoy it? What do people ask for your help with because it comes to you easily? You might have a unique skill or superpower that you can apply to your business in a way that you have not yet explored.

Be flexible, patient, and teachable

Or there might be something that you’re passionate about learning that you need a mentor for as you learn the skill. Remember that nothing worthwhile comes without effort. Realize what you need help with and reach out to those who are exceptional in that area. (Hint: you can meet these people at either our event in March or in our ongoing CBF group.)

Don’t listen to people who don’t believe in you

Friends, family, and peers who have known you forever—the old you, as you always have been— may be afraid of the direction you’re going in. Change frightens most people. But even scarier than change is to watch someone that you know has the courage to reinvent themselves and to grow beyond their status quo but to not do it. It’s so much easier to talk yourself out of your big goals and intention to change. Don’t listen to those naysayers.

Build a phenomenal support team

Find mentors and members of a peer group who share your ambition and who will be allies in your quest to achieve peak performance. One of the best things you can do is join us for the CBF Live event in March to meet the network of people who are there to push you toward succeeding. If you can’t make it in March, consider joining the CBF group that meets virtually throughout the year. This group will provide the right mental environment you need to support you on your constant journey of growth and improvement.

You have to continue to reinvent yourself to become the person you were always meant to be. You’ve got to keep pursuing your dreams and progressing toward your goal. We can help you. See you in Dallas in March?