Quick Upate on the Cruise:

What an incredible launch of the SMART Women Maid Rich Conference and Cruise! At one point there were orders coming in 5+ per minute. I’ve been meaning to update you, but its been crazy and I didn’t want to pester you with too many emails. Couple of things —
I know many of you have already secured your spot, but in case you didn’t catch it, many of initial incentives (first registrant gets the cruise absolutely free, the first five registrants get one free upgrade or $125 spa/shopping bucks and the first 25 registrants get the DVDs for free) – all gone! BUT, we have another great incentive that you can still get in on, and that is that if you sign up for the Conference/Cruise before October 9th then you will be invited to attend the private wine tasting on the boat with Debbie Sardone, myself, the VIPs, and our surprise guest.
And, because the rush to sign up early was such hand to hand combat that Debbie and I have decided to allow everyone who has signed up so far, and 5 more people to receive the complete DVD set ($597 value – perfect for training your team) absolutely free – Heads up – only a few spots left. Something to think about if you are sitting on the fence.
Also, we have decided to add a NEW PERK for you social bees, and here’s the scoop. Invite someone who has not signed up yet to sign up for the Conference/Cruise and you will not only secure a spot for your buddy before we sell out, but you will also receive $50 value fun-bucks-goodie-pack (on board drinks, photos, spa, shopping) – AND sign up 5 people and get the fun bucks and $250 off of your own conference cruise fee. The person you refer does not have to be your roommate; those decisions are separate. And, I don’t know how long we can do this for, so take advantage of it before we have to end the incentive.
We are still trying to secure more cruise rooms, but we don’t know where we are at with that yet, so if you want to find out check back here or on our website: http://smartwomenmaidrich.com/ and we will post any updates on there about any additional spots.
Second, I forgot to mention in my previous email, but I don’t know if you noticed that the starting price that we settled on for the launch of this conference is $200 less than what we had originally discussed. That launch price is going away soon, and if there are any remaining seats of the original 74 then prices will go up.
Register NOW – Easy Pay starts at $77/month


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