Are you stressed? Here are 4 ways to conquer your stress.

Living in such a hectic, non-stop world AND running your own cleaning business is a recipe for stress, so I wanted to pass on a few simple ways that you can conquer your tension and stress.

1. Just do it

First of all, just do the things that you’ve been putting off. This one is huge. We’re all procrastinators, and usually we drag our feet about handling the things that we simply don’t want to do. Step up and tackle that thing on your to-do list that you keep avoiding. Just do it.

2. Take yourself less seriously

Next, stop taking yourself so seriously. You’re adding pressure to the anxiety you feel because you’re the center of your own universe. Maybe you’re worried about making a sales call or standing up in your local chamber of commerce to pitch your business. Here’s the thing—no one is as worried about your performance more than yourself. So stop taking yourself so seriously, take a deep breath, and relax.

3. Stop trying to control everything

Another thing: stop trying to control everything. I get it, we business owners are control freaks. We like to manage every step of the business, which is not the best use of time. Give up trying to control things that are out of your influence or that should be delegated. And once you’ve delegated them, step away and have confidence that they will be taken care of. (If not, time to rethink who’s on your team.)

4. Accept what you can’t get done and move on

Finally, accept what you can’t get done and move on. If you can’t change something or get something done, you just have to accept it and keep going. Acknowledge that it won’t be done, and then move on.

Take a moment and write down what is stressing you out right now, at this very moment. Then breathe deeply and apply the above advice. Just do it, stop taking yourself seriously, stop being a control freak, and accept it if you can’t get it done.

Still stressed? Think about this—most likely none of what you are stressed about right now really matters in the grand scheme of things. Even just five years from now you won’t remember a single thing about what you’re so stressed about right now. Honestly, it does not really matter. So don’t let things that don’t really matter in the future disrupt what’s important in your present. Right now is what matters.

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