Debbie Sardone knew how to make a buck long before she discovered the secret to hanging on to it.  Now a tried-and-true barter advocate, she is sometimes referred to as a ‘Barter-preneur’ because of her ability to turn good ideas into successful business enterprises with the help of barter.  Debbie has bartered for Lasik eye surgery, dental work, auto repairs, printing, marketing, luxury vacations, therapeutic massages, even parts of her daughter’s beautiful wedding, and tons more!  If you’re still paying money for something you should be bartering for, STOP IT!  This book tells you how step by step.

 Owner of Buckets & Bows Maid Service, and The Maid Coach Consulting (a service business consultancy firm) Debbie provides expert consulting to cleaning industry business owners.  Debbie is also founder of the national non-profit Cleaning For A Reason, which provides free housecleaning services to women with cancer.  A popular speaker and author, Sardone practices what she preaches and has bartered thousands of dollars in goods and services over the last ten years, saving herself and her businesses a small fortune in cash, credit, and advertising costs!

 A 30 year veteran of the residential cleaning industry, Sardone’s business savvy, experience and intuitive grasp of universal business truths have helped hundreds of other business owners experience the joy of entrepreneurial success.  In 2011 Debbie and husband Steve bought the world famous Clean Team Catalog and Speed Cleaning brand from best selling author and King of Clean, Jeff Campbell, when he was ready to retire and pass the baton (or scepter).    

Debbie is frequently featured on national and regional television, including NBC Nightly News, KTVT – TV Channel 11, WFAA – TV Channel 8 and Fox4News – KDFW, for her work with the Cleaning For A Reason Foundation. Her ingenuity, energy, entrepreneurial expertise and successes have also brought Debbie recognition and interviews by a broad spectrum of well-known publications, including CNN MONEY (October 2008), PROFITS Magazine, CM Management Magazine, Modern Bride (July 2007), Ladies Home Journal (April 2010), Reader's Diget (2011), and more.